MetaShooter Arrives with the First of Its Kind Concept Based on Decentralized Blockchain-Based Hunting Metaverse on Cardano

Place/Date: USA/NY – February 4th, 2022 at 12:05 pm UTC · 3 min read
Contact: Šarūnas A.,
Source: Metashooter

The first of its kind in the cryptocurrency community, the MetaShooter team is pleased to announce the launch of its blockchain-based hunting metaverse on Cardano.

According to the team, hunting lovers who prefers to be part of the community can have the following features to work through:

  1. Receive token rewards when they win tournaments, complete trophy collections, or engage in other hunting-related expenditures.
  2. Experience real hunting as they play in tournaments while enjoying the stunning visuals with VR compatibility on the platform.
  3. Develop by building towers, buying hunting lands, earning passive income, and breeding NFT dogs.
  4. They can also customize and upgrade themselves by upgrading their hunting equipment. You can use the various hunting equipment at your disposal to improve your skills and become a stronger and more exceptional hunter. Shotguns, handguns, bows, rifles, and knives are some of the equipment at your disposal for successful hunting sessions.
  5. Community members will experience various environments, realistic dynamics, and stunning visuals on the platform.

These are designed to give users a memorable experience during their hunting expedition.

While giving an insight into the rationale behind the hunting metaverse project, the team explained its goal thus: “One of the goals of our team is to create a game that bridges the worlds of crypto and non-crypto. MetaShooter aims to modernize the hunting industry, which is a massive but niche market in the same way.”

To achieve this goal, MetaShooter leverages the powers of two multi-billion-dollar markets: blockchain technologies and hunting.

Equipment Marketplace

MetaShooter created a marketplace where community members can construct personalized weapons for better accuracy or find rare weapons such as the F44 Champion, FS Ultra Zoom Scope, Stock, or 25*39 Long Range.

Users have a variety of customization options to choose from to fulfill your specific hunting needs. If you wish, you can sell, melt, or forge your NFTs as well.

Hunting Partners

The team understands the importance of teamwork for a successful hunting journey. It allows members to expand their hunting abilities with NFT dogs with unique hunting skills and senses that will help you track down your trophies effortlessly. The goal is to help users maximize their hunting skills and boost the success chances considerably.

Complement your hunting skills by building and upgrading towers that will make you undetectable and increase your visibility and shooting rage. If you won’t use hunting towers regularly, you can always monetize them renting the towers out to other hunters who may need them.

You’ll also have the necessary tools to spot animals without alerting them, another feature that will increase your productivity and success rates greatly.

The team provides hunters with additional equipment and baits to outsmart their target animals and take them down easily.

More so, users can breed NFT dogs and make revenue selling them to willing hunters. The proceeds from selling the NFT dogs will supplement your hunting income.

Hunters aren’t restricted to a hunting location. Rather, they are free to hunt wherever they want and explore stunning visuals and environments on the MetaShooter world. Purchase NFT lands and start your hunting journey while generating revenue as well.

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