Web World Presents NFT Collection Based on World’s Countries

According to the team at Web World, every NFT’s price is dependent on the geographical area the country covers.

Web World is a Decentralized Finance project that thrives on polygon blockchain and consists of hundred and eighty-one Non Fungible Tokens that symbolize a distinct nation. These nations can subsequently be used to design the much-awaited metaverse.

The project Web World is under the management of Simplex Technologies, a web development blockchain solution for the creation of interactive web applications for the metaverse. The Non Fungible token (NFT) Web World opens up many opportunities for crypto enthusiasts. One can utilize the exclusive space for different kinds of image stations that can be used for campaigns or for simply making oneself heard. The NFTs will allow users to enjoy a unique area on the digital planet of the “web world metaverse”.

Web World NFTs are reserved as ERC-721 tokens in the Polygon blockchain and reflected on IPFS.

Moreover, not only is the Web World providing users with a special country through this NFT but is also furnishing them with abundant information on the culture and history of the nations involved. On the purchase of a specific NFT Web World, the users are allowed to customize the region by creating their emblem and implementing publicity drives on it. Users can also buy their preferred NFT Web World in a skewed number of clicks as and when they are inaugurated on the OpenSea marketplace.

According to the team at Web World, every NFT’s price is dependent on the geographical area the country covers. For example, a Russian NFT will be costlier than a French NFT since Russia, as a country, covers a larger area than France. The collection of the Web World is divided into two slots- the countries and the regions. While the countries are up for sale, regions collections will open in the third quarter of this year. Having said that, there exists a special offer for all the country owners. They will enjoy exclusively discounted prices for the region NFTs when the sale opens. However, the NFT holders won’t be able to see their collection in the UI. of the MetaMask extension. One can observe their NFT collection in the Collectibles portal in the MetaMask mobile application.

Having said that, the team at Web World is delighted to offer impressive occasions to celebrate the popular space of the NFTs in 2022. The project was inaugurated on the 1st of February 2022, commencing with the roll-out of thirty-two European countries as an NFT collection on OpenSea.

In the future, the second quarter will enjoy a launch of the Asian Countries Collection while the third quarter will be launched with the roll-out of North and South American Country NFT alongside regional NFT collection. The buyers of these NFTs will be allowed to upload or position their media files in the bought areas. Eventually, the Web World team is all set to drop in their metaverse in the last quarter, furnishing NFT users with a novel virtual reality adventure that outshines ethnic difficulties and differences.

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