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Cryptodaily Admin: Hello everyone 👋👋 Welcome back to another AMA with BSCDaily! Today I have here with me Jay Bird and Chris from The Lost Throne!

Hello guys! How are you doing today?

Jay Bird: Hello everyone! Thank you for having us here with you all today

Cryptodaily Admin: Hi Jay Bird! Happy to have you here!

Chris: Thank you for having us today. We would like to make this the best opportunity for everyone.

Cryptodaily Admin: And we’re looking forward to it! So, why don’t we start by introducing ourselves to the community? You can go first Jay Bird 😄

Jay Bird: Hi I’m Jay, I am COO of TLT and have been involved with the project for a long time now. I have always had an interest in gaming and have been in the crypto space since 2018

Cryptodaily Admin: Nice Jay, how about you Chris?

Chris: Hi friends, my name is Chris, I’m the CMO of The Lost Throne game.

I stepped into the game field in 2010 engaging in marketing development for several crypto gaming projects since 2018.

Prior to joining the team, I worked for some blockchain games as the community director and marketing and communication director, with many strategies of global marketing experience accumulated.

It’s an honor and very lucky that I got the chance to join the TLT team in 2019 and started creating the TLT for over 3 year by now.

Cryptodaily Admin: Impressive! You’re all veterans in the field, I love it ❤️ So let’s talk about the Lost Throne

Jay Bird: Yes we have been in the space for a while now and loving it

Q1. Please introduce us to the Lost Throne game and how did the idea of making The Lost Throne come about?

Jay Bird: Sure. The Lost Throne (TLT) is a new meta-universe NFT TCG concept P2E game designed and developed by Shiva Gaming since 2019.

As a MTG-inspired Play for Fun & Play to Earn trading card game, players can enjoy  the game, but also earn tokens through superb card skills and contributions to the ecosystem.

The TLT ecosystem is supported by a dual-token system consisting of 2 tokens: CP  (Crystal Powder) –  the equity and governance token,  and DD  (Dream Dust) – the in-game economic token.

TLT’s Goal

  1. We got started with quality play-to-earn developed games and fuel their growth with MTG-like card-pack modular component technologies to be made progressively accessible for the purpose of exploring infinite application scenarios of NFTs with the community, players and developers together in a spirit of co-creation and sharing.
  1. Besides, we attach importance on creating a metaverse underpinned by universally recognized NFT cards or other assets, each of unique value, for players to have fun to their heart’s content.

TLT’s Mission: Our mission mainly lies in two aspects:

  1. First: to explore the infinite possibilities of NFT Trading Card Games(TCG) as creativity infrastructure.
  1. Second: to subvert existing content and value sharing models with community co-creation and sharing so that creativity and value thrive on communities once again.

Cryptodaily Admin: Nice, so The Lost Throne values its community so much that the community is one of your focus! So I figure since the CP is your governance token, holders can vote on important aspects of the project also?

Jay Bird: Absolutely! Our community is a top priority. Governance proposal systems are being finalized but, short answer is yes

Cryptodaily Admin: So there will be a platform for people to vote in the future, right now I suppose we can join your socials and give suggestions. Lovely!

Q2. So on Twitter, you announced the Beta Version of the game. How long is the TLT beta game available?

Cryptodaily Admin: With the successful IDO and Listing of $CP proceeded, we have launched the Open Beta Festival.

Time: 12:00 UTC, Jan 20th, 2022 — 12:00 UTC, Feb 20th, 2022 (one month)

During this beta trial game period, you can download the beta game and enjoy it.

At the moment, you can only download it on Android mobile.

When the full version is launched, you will be able to play on mobile and PC.

Cryptodaily Admin: As an IOS user, I take that personally 😂😂

Jay Bird: I’ve been on Team IOS for a while too so don’t worry.😂😂😂😂

Q3. How do I participate in the TLT beta game now?

Jay Bird: Great question! The open beta festival is open to Android users only (Sorry, IOS users)

Participants are advised to go through this tutorial to ensure hassle-free participation. There are a few steps required for your actions before you can start playing the game:

[Instruction for beta participation & downloads] ⬇️

Beta Test Tutorial

Rules for the Bets test

Beta Test Guide  

–  Download Liberty Land  App

–  Create wallet

–  Import wallet

–  Manage wallet

–  Add liquidity, generate LP

–  Generate L-KEY

–  Manage L-KEY

That should be all the info you need and more to get involved with beta testing

Cryptodaily Admin: Check it out people! do your research 🦾

Jay Bird: Definitely check it out and if you have any questions or comments please come and join our socials and share your experiences

Cryptodaily Admin: Amazing! So I see there’s an “L-Key” in the guide

Q4. What is an L-Key?

Jay Bird: L-Key is the login token every player is required to acquire in order to start playing the game. To generate a L-Key, you must deposit CP and USDT tokens to receive CP-USDT LP tokens in the liquidity pool. In our wallet, you will be able to generate a L-Key with the LP tokens on LandSwap.

CP token is Crystal Powder which is the main token for a game account. After installing the game and acquiring the L-key, you can finally log in to the game. Every L-Key is set to be permanently valid. However, you can choose to allow your L-Key to expire in one week or one month.

Cryptodaily Admin: Thank you for clearing this up. And I think it’s time to get to know more about the Lost Throne’s gameplay!

Q5. What about the Lost Throne Gameplay? Please walk us through

Jay Bird: Ok sure.

For the gameplay, the first step is the ‘role play’  

– Player = Supreme Commander

– Cards= Loyal Generals or Soldiers

Start the game:

– Both players use a deck of 50 to 80 cards.

– Both players soldier on in three directions on the criss-cross battlefield and break through the opponent.

– Kill the opponent to ultimately win the game.

Game battle:

– Both players start the game matched by the pre-selected legal deck types.

– Swap the initial hand and choose a tech path.

– Add the top card to your hand and decide to play/summon your cards.

– During the battle stage, each actionable card takes turns making 1 legal attack in the order of its actions.

– Repeat the above stages until the opponent remains 0 life or meets the victory conditions.

The Liberty Land version is already launched, and you can access the link to download it for free to experience the game in advance.

Download TLT on Liberty Land:

For the cooperation between TLT and Liberty Land, it is something we are very proud of, because TLT is the first game that Liberty Land decided to list after picking from several competing games.

This  is based on TLT’s good sense of game experience, game innovation and innovative value of metaverse, NFT, and the token ecology. We are very happy to be picked by Liberty Land.

At the same time, we also hope you will go to Liberty Land to experience TLT games. LibertyLand is the first GameFi publisher and incubator, and through cooperation we found this game distribution platform has very valuable potential, maybe you will have a different novelty discovery.

Cryptodaily Admin: Absolutely, I did some research and the gameplay of TLT is quite unique I would say. The criss-cross battlefield is something that I am not familiar with since I only played Yugioh to be honest 😂

Cryptodaily Admin: Yes we think we have a really exciting and strategic game for users

Chris: For sure!

Cryptodaily Admin: Also, the Lost Throne’s card attributes are well-built I would say, love the design and there’s even a Technological requirement to play the card – which is awesome and will require players to put in efforts and brains to be able to win. I love this!

Q6. What are the Lost Throne tokenomics and game innovations?

Chris: From now on, I will answer the rest of the questions.

Cryptodaily Admin: For sure!

Chris: As for the tokenomics, that’s mainly the tokenomics of the Dual-token Economy System: the Equity token Crystal Powder (CP) and the economic token  Dream Dust (DD).

CP token has value accrual mechanisms, a limited supply, in-game utility, and is used to govern the distribution of the Throne Treasury funds.

DD token is the in-game economic token that players obtain through game victory. DD can be used to produce shining cards, or to open new card packs.

There are four most significant innovations:

① Co-creation: We invite players from all levels to co-create content and gameplay to jointly define the future of NFT games, and player’s suggestions for improvement will help us to adjust the usability of NFT games;

② Universality: We build highly compatible NFT games based on efficient TCG development to keep expanding application scenarios of NFTs;

③ Sharing: The vast majority of games’ revenue will be shared with and by the community.

④ NFT DIY: NFT assets and application scenarios jointly defined by the community

Expansions of Magic World genes to diversify the appearance of NFTs.

Multiple quality Card games developed based on NFTs and the token system, combined with SDKs to be progressively accessible to external developers, drive the creation of unlimited application scenarios for NFTs on the platform.

This is our tokenomics for everyone’s reference.

Cryptodaily Admin: Sweet

Q7. How do players earn money through The Lost Throne?

Chris: This must be really exciting information to everyone. Basically, The Lost Throne is a NFT card game.

The changeable rules of The Lost Throne encourage players to collect more NFTs. Players will use custom decks to defeat their opponents in flexible ways according to their opponents.

Winning the duel will receive DD as rewards. DD can be exchanged for cash, which can be used for casting production props, “plating flash” cards, increasing NFT level or opening new card packs.

The number of rewards will vary according to the card’s rarity, MMR.

Winning a higher-level match means higher rewards.

Q8. Could you please tell us about the Crystal Powder (CP) token?

Chris: Sure! Crystal Powder (CP) is the equity and governance token of the TLT ecosystem and the only ownership proof of the game. It has value accrual mechanisms, a limited supply, in-game utility, and is used to govern the distribution of the Throne Treasury funds.

The total supply is 250 million CPs.

CP token is mainly applied to the following scenarios:

  1. Game Ownership

To prove ownership of the game and participate in TLT’s play-to-earn system, users are required to provide liquidity to the CP-BNB liquidity pool. Users must provide and stake liquidity equivalent to the value of 1200 CP at launch.

The real value of the liquidity tokens may change over time, and the amount of liquidity needed to be held in order to play TLT may be modified through governance.

  2. Value Accrual

TLT earns revenue through the sale of newly-minted card NFTs on TLT Marketplace, as well as through transaction fees taken from player-to-player transactions on TLT Marketplace.

  3. Throne Treasury

The Throne Treasury has 60% of the total supply of CP assigned to it.

 Funds in the Throne Treasury are affected by governance. Initially, 30% of the Throne Treasury’s emission will be provided to CP holders as a staking reward, while the other 70% will be reserved for distribution to well-performing players in regular tournaments.

How can you obtain the CP token now?

CP token is tradable on PancakeSwap, and investors can directly enter the contract address to view the market and buy CP

CP contract address: 0xe9C133D3D94263C7aC7B848168138D7cF2cEbA14

Crystal Powder (CP)

Dream Dust (DD)

Q9. Let’s talk about the Play to Earn aspect of the Lost Throne! How does the Lost Throne integrate the Play to Earn function in the game?

Chris: This question can support question 7 actually. P2E is a very important issue for any GameFi project, so as to TLT.

The P2E is carried by the in-game DD(Dream Dust) token, which means the gamers are rewarded with DD in the game victories.

DD is the in-game economic token that players obtain through game victory. DD can be used to produce shining cards, or to open new card packs.

✅ TLT Game Earnings

● DD tokens will be rewarded to players that complete daily quests.

● DD tokens will be rewarded to winners of PvP battles when shining cards are in their game deck.

● Each winning player participating in the ranking gets DD earnings according to their PvP MMR.

✅ Strategic Roadmap of The TCG P2E Platform

○ Early on, TLT will develop two PVP modules and will gradually unlock a variety of NFT application scenarios such as adventure mode and farm mode for the purpose of initially building the platform ecosystem.

○ Subsequently, new game modules and gameplay will be unlocked through community voting.

○ Concurrently, we will bring in external developers and give them access to SDKs to create more application scenarios.

This is what an NFT card (The Lost Throne) looks like:

Cryptodaily Admin: Is there anything you want to add before we move on to the next segment?

Jay Bird: Just our socials for people to view:








Cryptodaily Admin: With this we are now at the end of our AMA session with The Lost Throne 🔥🔥🔥

Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community?

Chris: There were so many questions we would like to answer, but  there is a limit, so anyone can come to us and ask for further questions later on.

Cryptodaily Admin: Absolutely, check out their socials and I’m sure they would love to answer all of your questions!

Chris: This is our tokenomics for everyone’s reference.

Jay Bird: Come and join our community if you want to know more

Chris: We welcome everyone to our group!

Cryptodaily Admin: It has been a pleasure guys! Thank you for coming and on behalf of the BSCDaily community, we wish you the greatest of luck!

Chris: Thank you so much for inviting us today. It was a great AMA!

Cryptodaily Admin: It was great having you all here!

Jay Bird: Thank you for having us in your space and thank you to your amazing community for all the great questions. Come and try our beta version!!!

Chris: Thank you, everyone.

Cryptodaily Admin: Thank you guys once again! Take care 🙌

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