Axie Infinity (AXS) Price Surges Over 56% Amid Market Dip

Altcoin News

  • Axie Infinity (AXS) price surge of 56%.
  • AXS token is consolidating now.
  • The consolidation has pushed AXS to bypass its 2-months resistance levels.

Axie Infinity has created a new price consolidation pattern as its native token —  AXS rallies to over 56% amid crypto market dip. This price formation has pushed the AXS token to effectively bypass its 2-months resistance barrier. Hence, a new upward trend for AXS is underway.

The 56% growth rate represents a major breakout and an upswing movement that Axie Infinity has accrued in the market. Also, this consolidation is the next big opportunity for AXS to trigger another upsurge momentum of 46% to push its price from $63.47 to $81.54 mark.

At writing time, Axie Infinity’s price is at $63.41. Despite the Altcoin market on and off price movement these days, the AXS token has a substantial price projection of $81.54 by the end of mid-2022. To pave the way for AXS to smash the $81.54, traders’ purchasing behavior is expected to be the key factor. Meanwhile, the crypto might experience few barriers and obstacles but the crypto will survive going bullish.

With the big picture of the AXS price formation, there’s less expectation for the crypto to face retracement. What’s more, regardless of how fierce competition is in the market, AXS can flip the majority of its competitor altcoins if it continues its bullish performance.

In essence, this phenomenon of the Axie Infinity price movement can start mass adoption and a new crypto-centric sensation around AXS.