Crypto Inu introduces a DeFi deflationary token with charity support

Crypto Inu is a play-to-earn NFT multiplayer board game with the integration of VR and 3D modes. Players can also sell, collect, and trade NTFs for a profit. The team at Crypto Inu has announced the release of its token to the crypto community, which combines non-custodial staking with charity support. 

Crypto Inu incorporates real estate investment into its metaverse using its DeFi deflationary token. This enables players to own virtual properties and trade them for real-world value. Players can also customize their cities and own NFT assets like character avatars, buildings, gas stations, schools, and a marketplace while participating in the metaverse.

Crypto Inu aims to give players, content creators, and crypto enthusiasts an NFT real estate game where they can earn passive income by investing in real estate and assets management.

Crypto Inu is a multiplayer board game with real estate investment integration. It comes with a wide range of exciting features, including:

Virtual Event Host

Crypto Inu can host a variety of virtual events, including meetups and book clubs. Users can invite their DJs and popular musicians to perform at their virtual events. In the coming weeks, the Crypto Inu team will incorporate events and guest counts for tournament challenges. 

Real Estate Investment

As a player in the Crypto Inu metaverse, you will own virtual lands and properties where you can build residential homes, schools, marketplaces, to earn passive income. You can also stake your $ABCD token to earn even more rewards.


Crypto Inu shares the same features with Monopoly games; as such, if you are familiar with the Monopoly game, you won’t find it difficult navigating through the Crypto Inu metaverse. However, unlike the Monopoly game, Crypto Inu comes integrated with a social aspect where you can interact with other players. 

About ABCD

ABCD is the game’s sticker and the acronym for Anonymous Blockchain Crypto Decentralized. $ABCD is a journey where players use this token to pay for services, stake, and compete with other players to build an empire in the crypto space.

Crypto Inu is fun, interactive, and highly competitive. It has a marketplace where players can easily convert their NFTs to real-world values. 

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