CryptoWorldCon present the “Moon Walker” NFT 21 Founders Collection on Open Sea

CryptoWorldCon has launched their “MoonWalker” NFT´s 21 Founders Collection and it is available at Open Sea. Cryptoworldcon in collaboration with Miami owns NFT local artist Hexmentor, who is behind the first collection of “The Moon Walker”. Created 21 pieces as an exclusive edition for CryptoWorldCon for their NFT 21 Founders pass, the most exclusive VIP PASS for the event, an all-inclusive experience design for “la crème de la crème”, only 21 personalized passes that grants an all-access pass to every corner of the event, including the backstage, whereas an NFT 21 Founders you can spend your time living the experience with all the speakers between conferences, and have a one in a lifetime opportunity to live a complete integrated experience of the CryptoWorldCon Event. Including a dedicated concierge service that ensures the VIP Pass holders as an out-of-this-world experience that will exceed expectations.

For launching the 21 “Moon Walker” NFT, they have prepared that the #1 of the 21 exclusive editions will be auctioned through the Open Sea platform with a starting price of $2,597,53 including all the benefits of the NFT´s 21 founder Pass, while the remaining 20 pieces will be at the price of the VIP Pass of $9,999 as shown on their website.

CryptoWorldCon is fulfilling its promise of becoming, the mega-conference/trade show of the year for blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies focused on cutting-edge schemes and trends in the blockchain market, with an A-List of speakers from around the globe and high-profile individuals, companies, investors, and organizations that will create an international impact, converting Miami into the epicenter of the blockchain and cryptocurrency community.

Creating a positive impact on the community. CryptoWorldCon has opened its door to Heroes Unmasked a local nonprofit organization based in Southwest Florida to be present at their event supporting their cause of rendering aid to all children who are unwell, bringing joy and happiness to Hospitals and residential homes throughout Florida.  CryptoWorldCon is working towards creating a game-changing experience, the entire event is going to be filled with different activities that will further improve the knowledge and network experience of the Attendees. Presenting a careful selection of speakers designed to spice up the CWC discussion panels, conferences, workshops, making the entire event a very engaging interaction with a variety of value-added strategies, opportunities, and mentoring for the attendees.

CryptoWorldCon is the go-to event of 2022, and for startups looking for investors and strategic partners, this is the place to be. Don’t miss the opportunity to be present and participate in the most important blockchain & cryptocurrency event of the year.  Be part of the game-changing community that is creating a social and economic impact in the world.

For more information regarding this event please go to their website

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