Delta Exchange: 2021 highlights and wins of the exchange

Delta Exchange emerged as the best and fastest-growing crypto derivatives exchange in the crypto derivatives space showcasing record trading volumes all through 2021. Ranked A+, it has a #17 global ranking out of the 532 exchanges currently active in the global crypto space. Delta Exchange was launched in 2018 and is backed by known names, including Aave Capital,  CoinFund, Kyber Network, and other marquee investors. 

As a premier derivatives exchange, Delta Exchange has always sought to maintain a significant edge over its competitors by offering the best quotes on its BTC futures and altcoin futures, and other derivatives contracts. It helps transact trades via its powerful matching engine complemented by an intuitive interface, advanced order types, and lightning-fast APIs. 

Innovation and security have always been the USPs of the platform. Along with 24/7 dedicated tech support across multiple channels, the exchange has enterprise-grade multi-factor security for digital assets. Traders can trade futures, options, perpetual swaps, interest rate swaps on BTC, and 50 other altcoins with up to 100x leverage. The most popular derivatives trading pairs on the exchange include BTC/USDT, ETH/USDT, BTC/USD, LINK/USDT, among others.  

2021 has been a phenomenal year for the derivatives exchange because of: 

  • Firstly, the premium features, user-friendly interface, innovative products, and a full-fledged reward system built around their native token DETO to incentivize trading on the exchange.
  • And, secondly, the increasing interest around derivatives trading pushed forth by the pandemic and cryptos going mainstream.   

Key Highlights and Wins of 2021

  • The total value locked in Delta Invest is over $46 million, with 7066 subscribers currently. Delta Invest has some of the finest offerings exclusive to the exchange. 
  • With Delta Invest, the exchange offers robo strategies that help traders deploy their capital in varied automated crypto trading strategies, including AMM, Arbitrage, and Momentum strategies, yield strategies, and staking pools
  • In another breakthrough move, Delta Exchange has launched robo trading strategies exclusively for options traders.  
  • Delta Exchange introduced the cheapest volatility and tightest spreads in the options category with differentiated offerings including MOVE, call and put options, etc., with BTC, ETH, LINK, SOL, LTC, XRP, BNB, and BCH as the underlying cryptos. SOL and BNB were the top choices for options among the traders in 2021.    

In-house Reward-based Incentives for Traders

  • Delta Exchange provides the highest flagship bonus in the industry to traders. Every trader who makes a deposit of $100,000 gets a bonus of 30%.
  • Every trader on the exchange gets to experience a gamified user journey where traders are rewarded based on their volume milestones. By creating in-product triggers for the first-week trade, Delta Exchange activates users on the platform. 
  • Delta Exchange app crossed 50K plus downloads by giving cashback offers by way of trading fee credits.  

Trading Volume and Traffic Update 


  • Delta Exchange alone accounted for more than 1% of the total trading volume across all the exchanges in the global crypto space, with monthly options trading volumes soaring above $3 billion. 
  • In total across instruments, trading volumes hovered above $400 million and monthly trading volumes hit an ATH of $13 billion.
  • The Exchange averaged $20 billion in monthly trading volume and $100 million daily volume for options. 
  • The monthly traffic on the exchange increased by 56% on a month-on-month average. 

DETO’s Reward-based Economics 

  • Delta Exchange’s native token DETO, besides being an ERC-20 utility token, fuels the reward system that incentivizes active traders on the exchange. Out of the 500 million total supply (140 million circulating supply), 20% of the DETO tokens have been reserved for financing the reward pool. Traders can earn handsome DETO rewards by participating in various offers and programs currently active on the platform, enjoying zero-cost withdrawals, and a lot more. The DETO reward system has been built to foster growth-sharing mechanisms within the Delta community and attract better investments from institutional and individual investors. 
  • Staking pools are another new feature that lets traders earn impressive passive income from staking their BTC(3%), ETH(4%), USDT(15%), or DETO(16%) in staking pools on the exchange.   

It takes just 30 seconds to get onboard the exchange and begin your trading journey with the best-in-class derivatives trading experience on offer. Delta Exchange is continually striving to provide superior derivatives products exclusive to the exchange while offering multiple booster rewards via its ever-evolving DETO rewards system.     

Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news/advice.