Ethereum Whale Buys Whopping 60B SLP, Traders Rejoice

Market News

  • Nearly 60 billion worth of Smooth Love Potion tokens has been bought.
  • One of the ETH’s anonymous whale’s made the purchase.
  • The 60 billion SLP bought is estimated to be around 2,126,462 USD.

Whales are silently beginning a new crypto buying spree in the space as one anonymous Ethereum whale has just bought nearly 60 billion Smooth Love Potion (SLP).

Based on the data of the whale’s transaction, the 60 billion SLP tokens are estimated to be around $2,126,462. Meanwhile, traders suggest that there is a high possibility for the purchase to influence the SLP token price spike. 

The whale’s transaction was discovered by the on-chain analytics site — WhaleStats. In detail, WhaleStats is a crypto and blockchain transactions analytics services provider that analyzes “the top 100 ETH wallets”. One of the aspects of its analytics solutions is based on how it seeks to focus on the highs and lows of the crypto market.

In addition, as the news broke the internet, the entire crypto space seems surprised. What’s more, in line with how the crypto netizens expressed their heartfelt emotions, the Smooth Love Potion’s custodial community is ecstatic.

On top of this, traders are also surprised due to the nature of how the whale anonymously purchased the SLP token. Despite how the whale’s transaction information was gathered by WhaleStat, the exact wallet where the entity transferred the SLP tokens remains unidentified.

The news comes a few days later after Smooth Love Potion’s SLP price growth rate smashed 262.4% in 7 days.