First Japanese Anime NFT Otaku Klub To Launch On The Metaverse

Otaku Klub NFT, the world’s first-ever Japanese anime NFT project featuring a crypto-game and “mangaverse” intended for Otaku and all NFT collectors, is launching in the second quarter of 2022.

According to its official site a presale will take place 24 hours before the general sale. Members of the community will have access to 250 spots in the whitelist.

Otaku is a term borrowed directly from Japanese, and it is typically used in English to refer to someone with obsessive hobby-related interests, most notably in the fields of anime and manga.

Explore The Otaku Mangaverse

The Otaku Mangaverse is a unique virtual experience. Users may play to make money, hang out with friends, visit places, purchase products and services, and attend events as “VIPs.” In this metaverse, your Otaku NFT serves as your avatar.

The company announced that 2,000 NFTS are set for minting with a maximum of 5 NFT by a VIP member during the presale and that there are 5,777 NFTS available for public sale, with a maximum of 10 NFTs per transaction. Each NFT costs 0.15 ETH during the presale and 0.16 ETH during the general sale.

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You can connect to your OpenSea account to access your NFT. Following the public auction, you will be able to locate your NFT 72H.

As of this writing, there are only a few WL slots remaining. The NFT Minting will start on February 12, 2022 at 18:00, while the Public Sale will begin on February 13, 2022 at 18:00.

Otaku Klub: What Is It And How To Join?

A world where your favorite Manga characters rub elbows in the form of Tokou; unique monsters produced from a creative combination of your heroes’ physical attributes.

The Tokou are the descendants of the finest Japanese manga. They live inside the Mangaverse, where all the well-known characters’ qualities have been blended and re-assembled to make outstanding personalities.

The Otaku Klub is an exclusive circle that provides its members with VIP access to the world’s most popular Japanese anime conventions, including major events, concerts, and meetings with celebrities and guest stars.

Members will get early access to the upcoming Khulturs Manga Kuizz game (an interactive gamified crypto game) and be part of the core community as alpha testers. By minting at least one NFT, you may join the Otaku Klub.

Meanwhile, Royalties are paid at a rate of 7%. This money will be utilized to support the initiatives of the Otaku Klub. Various events will be held across the globe to develop the community, and holders will be rewarded in a variety of ways.

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