Glass Chain Launched NFT Platform and Partnership with Crazy Mars Squirrel Club

Place/Date: – February 11th, 2022 at 1:04 pm UTC · 3 min read
Contact: Glass Chain,
Source: Glass Chain

After several months of development, we launched our first NFT platform within the Glass Chain’s wallet app. Glass Chain’s DeCom system can support NFTs to better accomplish anything digitization, it also allows more founders to participate in the cooperation of the Metaverse.

The Glass Chain NFT platform will be based on the commercial application of the NFT platform, using Glass Chain technology to link NFT with commercial applications. The future goal of Glass Chain’s NFT platform is to bring a new experience for NFT holders and to put NFTs into commercial level use. Glass Chain has reached a commercial consensus with the Mars Century team.

The Martian Century Team is the first NFT team that Glass Chain will partner with. The Martian Century team includes leading teams such as main creators, illustrators, musicians, and novelists from over 28 countries. The team will integrate WEB3.0 technology, bring more art to people, promote the integration of NFT industry and business, and lead the world economy with innovation.

The Martian Century Team’s creative background upholds that before humans migrated to Mars, a group of experimental animals were selected and sent to Mars to open up a second living home for humans to do pioneering exploration. The team will use NFT to display their different images of heroes.

The first IP that the Martian team will issue on the Glass Chain NFT platform is the Crazy Mars Squirrel Club. The background theme of the creation is: Pioneers, fight for the new world.

The creation story has carried out a lot of exploration for human beings to explore the living conditions of Mars. A scientist conducted a crazy experiment, which led to the fusion and evolution of squirrel genes and human genes to give birth to a new species. They are flesh and machines. The perfect combination of – Crazy Mars Squirrel. They have super-high intelligence, reaction speed, strength, and explosiveness; and they have a soft spot for nuts. As pioneers in exploring the world of Mars, they entered Mars for human survival and exploration.

Crazy Mars Squirrel will use the DAO operation method to endow NFT with practical application value. The NFT holders will also be the decision making person and share the profit of this IP’s commercial use in the future.

Crazy Mars Squirrel is now open for whitelist, you can become whitelist by doing following things on their discord and other social medias:

  1. Ranking Medal – You can get it when you reach level 6 (This verification system is all done manually. We will look into your history and double-check).
  2. Invitation Medal – You can get it when you have 20 invites.
  3. Fan Arts Medal – Create your original story/art (no plagiarized material).
  4. Community Volunteer Medal – Actively promote/ tweet Crazy Mars Squirrel or help others. Such as sharing NFT info and teaching others.
  5. Internationalization Medal – Actively connect with international communities and translate announcements to different languages.
  6. Sharing Medal – Share your own story at their self-introduction channel.

The team also opens additional whitelists for users of the Glass Chain NFT platform. Whether you are an NFT creator or a collector, participating in the Glass Chain NFT activity platform will have more opportunities to obtain white qualifications!

Glass Chain Contact: Twitter, Telegram, Medium.

Crazy Mars Squirrel Club  Contact: Twitter, Discord.