Multi-Chain Liquidity Management Platform, Universe, Announces Three-Day IDO

Universe Finance has announced the date for its highly anticipated IDO. The IDO is set to run over a three-day period, beginning on February 15th and ending on February 18th. During this IDO, supporters and users of the platform will be able to purchase tokens at a cheaper rate compared to market prices. $UNT tokens will be available for purchase across multiple Universe Finance partners.

Helping Investors Make Profit

Universe Finance is an active liquidity management platform for Uniswap V3. It maximizes returns across the Uniswap V3 DEX, using mechanisms that help minimize risks on the part of the investors. With Universe Finance, investors are able to determine the optimal price range to carry out trades, find the perfect frequency/timing to rebalance, earn profits from market volatility without having to pay expensive gas fees.

The protocol caters to all types of users from the very risk-averse to those with a large risk appetite. Users who invest in ETH-USD liquidity pools using Universe have recorded the highest gains in the space in the past few months. Its products are tested and trusted by users who are either looking to make very high returns or are just looking to make a stable income from their crypto investments.

Safe, Secure, Trusted

Not only is it the best liquidity management platform on Uniswap V3, but it is also the most secure. With exploits reported almost weekly in the DeFi industry, it is imperative for projects to have top-notch security to safeguard investors’ funds and Universe does this.

It uses real-time monitoring to process all of the data going through its smart contract. This way, the team is able to catch and eliminate any risk before it can cause any damage.

Smart contract auditing firms Certik and PeckShield have carried out audits on Universe Finance and have found no vulnerability in the code, giving it a clean bill of health.

What’s In Store For Universe Finance

Like any authentic project, Universe Finance has set and hit various milestones throughout its lifetime. The IDO is the latest in its long list of achievements which will draw more support for the protocol.

Universe Finance has partnered with multiple projects to bring its IDO to life, as well as for the continued growth of the protocol. These include DefiLlama, Pools, DOD, Biconomy,,, Vader Protocol,, among others.

Last year, Universe Finance announced that it was launching its cross-chain to Polygon. This marked the first of many to come as the protocol plans to support more chains in the coming months. It also launched its smart v2 – a single asset vault that allowed users to deposit single assets.

The Universe Finance leverage vault is scheduled for launch on February 23rd, less than a week after the completion of its IDO. Users will be able to carry out leveraged farming on Ethereum, Polygon, and other chains using this product.