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  • CoinQuora joins Superverse as one of its media partners.
  • CoinQuora gets an exclusive interview with founder Regina Turbina.
  • Superverse is a one-day event in Dubai that connects giants in the digital creative industry.

On February 22, CoinQuora had the chance to talk with Regina Turbina, Founder of the digital fashion platforms and Replicant, during the Superverse conference in Dubai. We asked her about the digital fashion industry, how it ties in with the metaverse, and more. Read some of the exchanges below:

Digital fashion is just starting to emerge. How are we supposed to cope with the emerging trend?

It’s growing, but it’s growing so fast. Three years ago when I started Replicant fashion, digital fashion ideas were something new for people. People had to learn how to use, create, and buy digital fashion garments. And now, digital fashion is something people already know and we see cool digital fashion designers come into the industry, building their brands, communities in Web 3.0, NFTs – And some physical fashion brands are already in the Web 3.0 topic.

Would people veer away from using physical fashion? Will the emergence of digital fashion mean the end of physical fashion?

Oh, no, no. They’re different industries. Right now, I see physical fashion brands can work with the [trend]. For example, we can create NFTs and digital fashion items. Digital fashion helps people engage with physical fashion collection items. In my dreams, physical fashion brands can create NFTs or digital fashion [versions] of their physical collection so people around the world can try on garments, allowing brands to engage with the community… There are interesting digital fashion ideas that can give more opportunities, vision – designers use it for artworks. They’re different [but] can exist at the same time.

Will digital fashion become available for everyone in the near future?

Yes. I love what Snapchat is doing. They’re working on the 3D body technology and [users] can create and try different garments using mobile phones. It’s available to everyone. And about metaverse, right now it’s already and already working on Decentraland. But we need more digital fashion in place so we can wear clothes in the metaverse.

About Regina Turbina

Regina Turbina is the fashion designer and entrepreneur behind the platforms Replicant and Artisant. She conceptualized the brand during the pandemic to further her interest in digital fashion as an economy. Turbina has recently collaborated with Puma for their first digital collection.

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