VIP NFT Aims to Disrupt Luxury Credit Card Market

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VIP NFT: A company is wildly promising VIP access and exclusivity to something… somewhat… unclear… with its NFT member card service.

‘The Mine’ is calling itself the world’s first VIP lifestyle NFT. If you should purchase this NFT, you will get access to a unique network. And what is in that network? Another 2499 people with the NFT. If the NFTs all sell out.

These 2500 NFT holders are being promised exclusive access to a wide range of luxury services, benefits and rewards; anywhere in the world.

The company are light what this will exactly entail. But there are vague sentences that assure you that you will get a lot of help posing. Just like Tinder Swindler, Simon Leviev, you too can prance around the world doing stuff in gold things. When your enemies are after you, this is the NFT you need. When you are crying because Peter is down, they can bring you golden tissues in your Bugatti. Well, that’s the promise, anyway.

The Mine’s founder, Ronald Petruska, says, “From private aircraft, yacht charters, high-end homes, or planning bespoke experiences such as restaurant reservations or chauffeur services, there is no request too big or too small for our cardholders.”

Or you could just pick up your phone and book a restaurant yourself. Let’s all calm down here. No truffle is that elusive.

vip nft
The Mine Palladium Member Card NFT in a brushed finish with a yellow gold textured leaf surround. One of fifty distinct card designs offered in The Mine’s NFT collection.

VIP NFT: The Mines

The company says that for centuries, mines have symbolized mankind’s relentless desire for extracting and discovering value. “In the 21st century, value is being reimagined in ways never seen before using blockchain technology. The Mine is novel in the pursuit to become the bona fide first mover in minting a luxury status symbol that’s as usable as it is valuable.”   

Does anyone know what they are talking about? I don’t either. I guess I don’t speak Rich.

They also say, “The world is yours by land, air, or sea. The Mine network is your preferred means of navigation at anytime and to anywhere in the world. Your lifestyle, on standby. The Mine caters to the few who dared to dream and helped usher in this new digital age.”

So they book a plane for you? Isn’t that what the travel agent is for?

Petruska founded Veluxity in 2015, an exotic car rental agency. The cars help you pretend to be a Saudi oil billionaire temporarily, while you vacay in Miami or New York. You may even impress someone who wears clothes that frankly are too tight.

While the cars on the Veluxity home page are expensive, the website is not. It is a Wix site, so it is easy to be worried. But they claim to have branched out to offering clients a broader suite of experiences worldwide, ranging from luxury home rental, luxury transportation, yachts, and private aircraft.

NFT Benefits

Says Petruska, “There has been a lot of attention on the NFT space recently as businesses experiment with various use-cases for this new technology. The creation of The Mine stems from our belief that there is an inherent need for an NFT that offers its holders utility. We are the first member card service with real-world utility for anything luxury.”

Not sure about anyone else, but I thought rich people in private member clubs didn’t tell the plebs about their adventures, in case they might have to face an uprising and then the guillotine. I feel like this kind of NFT already exists, we just don’t know about it. But we DO know about the MINE NFT.

The Mine’s NFT designs are reminiscent of the precious metal counterpart in the physical world. The precious metals include Ruthenium, Rhodium, Rhenium, Iridium, Palladium, Gold, Rose Gold, and Osmium. Some cards are more digitally scarce than others.

Whatever the price of these NFTs, the main selling point is the vague privileges that come with NFT ownership.

“Think American Express Centurion-level concierge service, but membership is capped at only 2500 cards with these cards also being actively traded/valued by the free market,” says Petruska.

High Poser Value

I just hope when I buy this poser NFT that they don’t leave me stranded on the Bahamian island of Great Exuma with only Billy McFarland as company at Fyre Festival 2.0. I don’t camp for anyone.

If you are rich enough to afford this NFT, you probably already have personal slaves to book private jets for you. But hey, if you are new to money, it is hard to get good help with this whole jobs squeeze going on. So maybe you need this NFT after all.

The company promise that the member card NFTs act as an access point. To vague events that aren’t planned yet. Like, networking events with other people pretending to be rich. Also, to the 24/7 concierge service via a private Discord where you can pay in crypto for services rendered. The company also promise priority access to all future Mine NFTs. I hope I won’t need a second NFT, I assume the first one will get me all of the pose mileage I was promised.  

There’s also access to private in-person events, and metaverse events. “Our vision for The Mine is to become the premier luxury member card NFT service for the Crypto and metaverse space.”

Nothing is certain in this wild new digital frontier. But who doesn’t like a solid Fyre Festival? Just have your private jet on standby, in case you need to be evacuated from wherever you can’t get home from. You and me both know we are going to buy this NFT. I’ll see you on Exuma Island.

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