12 Best Cryptos Under a Dollar for 2022

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Any newbie investor knows the biggest obstacle is saying goodbye to your hard earned money. Bitcoins, Ethereum, and other valuable coins are great for investors with deep pockets, but what about the rest of us? If you’re new to the crypto world and are looking to make an investment while minimizing your risk – here’s a list of ten best cryptos under a dollar are the perfect place to start.


Price at time of writing: $0.1403

Dogecoin, (DOGE), started out as a joke cryptocurrency. When Jackson Palmer and Billy Markus created DOGE in 2013, they intended it to serve as a comical tease for Bitcoin. But like many other things born from Twitter, after Elon Musk the CEO of Tesla tweeted about it, it became a lot more. 

Dogecoin opened up the world of cryptocurrency to millions of new people who would have otherwise never accessed it. Over the years the Dogecoin has grown at a very fast rate driving DOGE all the way to become the #11 biggest cryptocurrency globally by Market cap. 

DOGE has also been adopted as a means of payment by several mainstream companies like: AMC, Dallas Mavericks and Tesla. It is also a popular tipping currency on Reddit and Twitter, given to users who share valuable content. These and the coin’s ever-growing social media popularity is an indicator that it has the potential to be adopted by many users and that its value is capable of rising even further, profiting its investors. 



Price at time of writing: $0.44

Crypto.com coin (CRO), is another top pick for altcoins under a dollar. CRO first came up in 2018 under Monaco Technologies. CRO’s creators, Rafael Melo, Kris Marszalek, and Gary Or, made the coin a native token for the Crypto.com Exchange

The Crypto.com Exchange is a cryptocurrency market where traders can buy and sell certain crypto coins. CRO coin enables users to make payments on Crypto.com, and most of its functions are limited to the Exchange’s ecosystem. Ranking at #17 according to CoinMarketCap CRO is a popular coin.

What makes this Coin such an attractive investment option is its ability to earn you rewards when staked. Staking CRO on Crypto.com’s Metal Visa Card or the Crypto.com Exchange app can earn you at most 10-12% in annual interests. You can also earn a maximum cashback of 20% when you pay merchants using CRO, buy gift cards, or make peer-to-peer transactions on the Exchange. With the current Crypto.com marketing strategy to make sure that it’s well out there, expect CRO to grow exponentially over the next few years.


Price at time of writing: $0.052972

VeChain Coin, VET, is a great alternative for cryptocurrencies under 10 cents. VeChain coin is a cryptocurrency that focuses on supply chain management. It’s designed to help businesses track their products and make sure they’re not counterfeit or tampered with. The goal is to create a fast, more secure and transparent supply chain, which could save businesses a lot of money in the long run.

The VeChain coin is built on top of the Ethereum blockchain, and it’s one of the largest cryptocurrencies in terms of market cap. So far, it’s been used by a number of large companies including Walmart, BMW, and PricewaterhouseCoopers.

VeChain coin is a good investment because it offers a number of features that are not available with other cryptocurrencies. First, it has a built-in governance model that allows holders of the token to vote on important decisions related to the development of the network. Second, it has a strong team of developers and partners who are working to make VeChain one of the leading players in the cryptocurrency space. Finally, it has a large and growing user base that is already using the platform for real-world applications.


Decentralized Games 

Price at time of writing: $0.380122

Decentralized Game’s DG token is also a pocket-friendly crypto investment. This coin is the main governance token of the metaverse-based gaming platform Decentralized Games. Decentralized Games focuses on building play-to-earn games which give players a chance to make real-life money from their gaming efforts. 

DG coin carries several functions in the Decentralized Games ecosystem. The coin’s main function is to be a payment method on the platform. DG holders can also contribute to various governance decisions. These include decisions on adjusting Decentralized Game’s features, risk management on the network, developing new games, and allocation of funds. 

The benefits of owning DG extend beyond its affordability. Decentralized Games has partnered with major industry players like Polygon to enhance its play-to-earn gaming experience. This indicates that the company’s price can skyrocket at any time and the value of the DG coin.


Price at time of writing: $0.227307

If you are shopping for top coins under 50 cents, you might want to consider the Hedera coin, (HBAR). HBAR was created by Dr. Lemon Bard in 2016 to serve as the native token for the Hedera company. Hedera is a sustainable public network that helps individuals and companies build powerful Decentralized Applications (Dapps). HBAR coin is mainly used to give users access to Hedera’s services. These services range from making transactions, Smart Contracts and decentralized file storage. 

HBAR makes for an impressive investment, performance, and price notwithstanding. With the coin’s staking option, you can get very impressive rewards that will boost your return on investment. Whatsmore, with the recent form in the cryptocurrency market, most coins are pegged to see growth once the markets start witnessing an going back up. However, before you stake HBAR, you are required to have a certain minimum balance in your account.


Gala Games 

Price at time of writing: $0.282995

Another fairly priced crypto to buy under $1 in is GALA. In 2019, Eric Schiemeyer founded Gala Games as a play-to-earn gaming network that offers players a chance to make the most out of Decentralized Finance (DeFi). GALA is the native token used in this network.

The GALA coin acts as a governance and utility token on Gala Games. This means that users can use the Coin to pay for services or buy VOX, avatar non-fungible tokens (NFTs), sold on the platform. Gala coin holders also get the chance to participate in community decision-making forums courtesy of the Coin. 

Although GALA coin’s use cases are mostly limited to Gala Games, it is doing fairly well in the market. Investors who are keen on crypto gaming will benefit greatly from GALA. The Coin helps players access a wide range of play-to-earn games like Mirandus, where they can buy in-game assets and later sell them for profits. The VOX NFTs bought using GALA can also be staked for rewards and more GALA.


Price at time of writing: $0.194623

Chiliz coin (CHZ) is among the most low-budget yet promising cryptocurrencies under $1. CHZ is a native fan token for the fintech-providing blockchain, Chillz. Alexandre Dreyfus founded the blockchain in 2018 to make it easier for entertainment and sports companies to engage with and monetize their audiences. 

As a native token, CHZ allows users to pay for services on Chilliz, like investing in listed sports companies. The coin also enables holders to participate in ballots, surveys, and feedback polls about sports organizations and teams. 

Despite lacking a staking option, Chiliz coin facilitates parallel investment to sports companies and has a huge growth potential. Should these companies make profits, CHZ investors can make huge returns on investment. This is what makes CHZ such an enticing investment alternative.


Oasis Network 

Price at time of writing: $0.259787

Buying the Oasis Network coin ROSE will cost you less than a dollar, but your returns can turn out to be impressive. Founded by professor Dawn Song, the Oasis Networkhas been in operation since 2018. The network enables developers to build more sustainable DeFi applications. It mostly targets the improvement of privacy protocols and emphasizes the need for sensitive information to be controlled better.

ROSE coin is the token that facilitates the operations of the Oasis Network. The biggest benefit of owning this coin is the low-risk wealth creation strategy that it offers. Investors can stake their data on Oasis Network and earn ROSE as a reward. For investors who prefer putting their money without lock-up periods enforced during staking, there’s an option to farm ROSE. Farming typically involves depositing ROSE on the network and earning from it.


Price at time of writing: $0.4812

Chromia coin, or CHR, is also an affordable cryptocurrency to invest in. The CHR coin launched in 2019 to serve as a native token for the open-source, public blockchain, Chromia. Chromia offers a range of scalable solutions to developers, helping them create and launch Dapps. 

The CHR coin plays the role of a utility token on Chromia. When you own CHR, you can use it to trade or pay fees for services on any decentralized exchanges compatible with ERC-20.

Dapps created in the Chromia ecosystem use CHR as their tokens making the CHR coin a promising investment. This increases the coin’s use cases and gives it the potential to scale higher in the market. 



Price at time of writing: $0.080754

Casper Coin (CSPR), is the main utility token in Casper network, a proof-of-stake cryptocurrency. Casper is a unique blockchain protocol that uses proof of stake as its consensus mechanism. This makes it more environmentally friendly and efficient than proof of work blockchains. In addition, Casper allows for more decentralized mining, which enhances security and reduces the risk of centralization.

This means that holders of Casper Coin are rewarded for holding onto their coins and helping to secure the network. This blockchain ecosystem gives developers a range of tools to help build and deploy Dapps. The Casper network is also unique because it’s designed to be more sustainable and efficient than traditional blockchain networks. For example, the Casper network doesn’t require expensive mining equipment, and it’s able to process transactions faster than traditional blockchains.

CSPR also helps facilitate services on Casper. Users pay all fees and get all rewards on the platform in CSPR. Using this cryptocurrency, investors earn more money when they validate transactions on Casper, making a high-yielding investment. 

Stellar Lumens 

Price at time of writing: $0.186

Stellar Lumens is a digital currency that aims to provide fast and affordable cross-border payments. It was created by Jed McCaleb, the founder of Mt. Gox and co-founder of Ripple. The Stellar Lumens  XLM coin is the token used on the open network, Stellar. 

One of the main goals of Stellar Lumens is to provide financial access to people who don’t have it. For example, in some parts of the world, it can be expensive or difficult to send money overseas. With Stellar Lumens, though, you can send money quickly and cheaply across borders. Plus, since it’s a digital currency, there are no exchange rates or fees associated with making transactions. One Stellar transaction costs only 0.00001XML. Considering the market price of one XLM, these transactions are almost free. 

The Stellar Lumens  XLM coin is the token used on the open network, Stellar. Jed McCaleb created the platform in 2014 to make it easier for people to convert fiat to crypto. Stellar also has a solid partnership with IBM. The World Wire partnership enables large financial organizations to transact through the Stellar network. This is a huge indication that the coin has potential, so failing to invest in it might be a missed opportunity.



Price at time of writing: $0.063

ANKR is one of those crypto currencies that people may dismiss as too technical, but a closer look at it shows why it makes a good investment. Formed by two Forbes 30 Under 30 laureates, Chandler Song and Ryan Fang, ANKR is a crypto worth investing in. The coin is the native and utility token for the blockchain infrastructure ANKR. 

Ankr helps simplify yield earning opportunities like staking and liquid stacking by improving how blockchains communicate with each other. The dedication of the ANKR team to making their infrastructure effective and scalable, has earned ANKR rank 110 for market capitalization.

By helping blockchains run more efficiently, Ankr allows users to make more returns from their assets. The Ankr infrastructure is strategically positioned in its field, and it therefore wields high stakes of becoming a worthy investment. 

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So there you have it – our top 10 cryptos under a dollar! We hope this gives you a starting point for your own research and that you will find one (or more) of these coins to be a valuable addition to your portfolio. Happy investing!


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