AGE of SAM – Bringing together Solana communities in an epic Sci-Fi Adventure

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NFTs are quickly evolving to provide utility such as P2E gaming, token staking, and just about anything to stick out in the oversaturated PFP crowd.

AGE of SAM (AOS) not only promises to deliver a massive amount of utility, they actually multiply this by an order of magnitude. How? By partnering up with 12 other Solana projects.

What exactly does this mean?

Let’s start from the beginning before we get too ahead of ourselves.

At this point most NFT investors know that Solana is a great alternative to Ethereum due to almost non-existent gas fees. AOS creatively incorporates this sentiment into their sci-fi lore – “The Great Gas War”, in which the 12 Factions of House SOL prevail over House ETH. Yes, it highlights absurd gas fees on Ethereum, but it also immediately builds a sense of solidarity among Solana communities.

AOS takes this initial unity a step further. The 12 Factions of House SOL are actually the official AGE of SAM partner projects, and represented as ‘clones’ called SAMs (Solarium Autonomous Miners). These clones are generated by sampling the DNA of the 12 Factions. This means that every SAM NFT is designed as an homage to the 12 partner project NFTs – in an animated, pixelated form.

What are the benefits of partnering with AOS?

The immediate benefit is cross-pollination between communities and incentivizing holders, meaning more exposure for everyone involved. By holding a SAM NFT, anyone also holding an NFT from the 12 partner projects will earn up to 2x $SOLARIUM, the AOS utility token, during weekly Moon Missions. More on this later.

Relationships and trust are established not just among the communities, but also between the teams of every partner project. This allows for an accelerated exchange of ideas providing cross-project support, and an expanded group of like-minded developers working together to benefit everyone involved.

Proof of concept – AGE of SAM will be minting using The Fellowship’s Creator Machine for their upcoming mint on February 16th. The Fellowship, developers of one of the most innovative Solana NFT launchpads, are one of the 12 official partner projects.

Besides partnerships, what other utility does AOS provide?

Gamified staking – weekly Moon Missions will serve as competitions between partner communities, with factions that earn the most $SOLARIUM also being rewarded with NFTs and other prizes. Hold and earn.

P2E game – a strategic dungeon crawler game is in development with a AAA game studio, where players will earn $SOLARIUM. SAM NFTs represent playable characters and environments from the game. Play and earn.

Art – AOS will be one of the first Solana NFTs featuring pixelated animation. Unique art always stands out, and is its own utility.

Who are the 12 Factions?

  1. KAM1
  2. Ernest in Disguise
  3. SolPunks
  4. Pixel Invaderz
  5. ArtPunks
  6. Unirexcity
  7. Piggy Sol Gang
  8. The Fellowship
  9. Dope Apes
  10. Pesky Penguin Club
  11. Meerkat Millionaires Country Club
  12. Dronies

Every project is unique – from the OGs to comic and game creators to platform providers.

Additional partners will also be onboarded as AOS expands.

Tokenomics? $SOLARIUM?

Every SAM NFT will have different traits. The most fundamental of which are 8 command rankings. These rankings will reflect the maximum amount of $SOLARIUM a SAM can mine on a Moon Mission per day.

Recruit – 2
Scout – 2.5
Tech – 3
Engineer – 3.5
Scientist – 4
Commander – 5
Captain – 6
Admiral – 7.5

There will also be a clever tax which will discourage unstaking. $SOLARIUM proceeds from the tax will be funnelled back to the community.

Full tokenomics info and lightpaper are provided at (docs are quite long and detailed).

Mint details?

AOS will mint on The Fellowship Creator Machine platform on February 16th. Whitelist mint will run at 1 $SOL with a max. of 2 mints per wallet. Public sale will follow at 2 $SOL with a max. of 5 mints.

Team Details?

The team consists of an experienced international group of designers, developers, video game producers, artists, community managers, marketing and public outreach experts, advisors, and content writers – all of whom are experienced in the NFT and crypto space.

They’re always active on Discord and are clearly dedicated to delivering. Nearly $50k has already been awarded to members who participate in daily riddle, poker, and trivia contests.


AGE of SAM is not only a unique project that truly stands out, they’re also providing utility on top of utility. Those who worry about rugs should rest assured knowing that AOS has already partnered with 12 established Solana projects. With a detailed and intriguing roadmap AOS is poised to become a top Solana NFT project.

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