Artist Who Blew Up Lamborghini for NFTs To Launch Collection Soon

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    • The artist known as Shl0ms shocked the crypto world after blowing up a Lamborghini to create 999 NFTs.
    • Shl0ms clarified that the move is “criticism of greed and short-termism in crypto.
    • ”Shl0ms will only sell 888 NFTs and give the remainder to his investor and team members.

Tom, who recently detonated a Lamborghini worth hundreds of thousands of US dollars for NFTs, announced that the collection is set to go live on February 25.

Early February, the artist, who works behind the pseudonym Shl0ms, took the Twitterverse and the crypto world by storm by blowing up a used Lamborghini Huracan worth close to $250,000. The broken and burnt pieces of the sports car were then turned into 999 NFTs.

Contrary to what other news sources are reporting, Shl0ms clarified that the decision to destroy the car is not out of protest but a “more general criticism of greed and short-termism in crypto.”

Shl0ms slammed the get-rich-quick culture in the crypto world, to which he stated:

This technology is incredibly promising, there are so many good things we could do with it but there are so many terrible things being done with it. It’s really extractive, zero-sum practices.

He further revealed that the reason for choosing a Lamborghini as the project’s subject is because it is a “potent representation of people simply engaging with crypto because it’s a way for them to make money off other people as quickly as possible.”

The plan to blow up, or as Shl0ms termed it, “physically fractionalizing” a Lamborghini to show his disapproval of the mistreatment to crypto, was introduced last year when they announced it through a now-deleted tweet.

In the said tweet, Shl0ms also asked their followers their preference between “chaotic destruction or methodical disassembly.” A poll, which came after, saw a win for “chaos” over “order.”

Shl0ms was joined by a team of 100 people, including a federally licensed explosives engineer and an anonymous investor. In the aftermath of the explosion, Shl0ms’ team shot a rotating video of each charred piece in 4k definition. The project came to fruition on February 2.

On the day of the NFT collection launch, NFT fans can also expect a full video of the blast. 888 of the 999 produced NFTs will be up for grabs, while the remaining 111 will be handed out to the team and the initial investor.

Shl0ms, while aware of the contradictions of his actions and criticism, disclosed that they plan on using the Lambo NFT funds to build a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that will be more ethically driven rather than financially focused.

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