Mourning Father Creates NFT From Daughter’s Murder Video 

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  • Andy Parker created an NFT of the video of this daughter being murdered.
  • This was done to stop the video from being circulated on the internet.
  • Andy calls it an act of desperation.

Andy Parker, the father of murdered journalist Alison Parker, is trying to get the video of his daughter’s murder off the internet. In an act of desperation, he created an NFT out of the video so as to finally stop people from viewing the horrific video of the final moments of his daughter’s life.

Alison Parker, who was working as a journalist with WDBJ, was murdered on a live show while she was interviewing a local politician. Alison and cameraman Adam Ward were killed instantly. The heinous act was committed by a former colleague, a disgruntled employee who was fired from the news station months prior to the incident.

For years, Andy Parker had been trying to remove the video from the internet. But copies kept popping back up, garnering hundreds of thousands of views. Despite having approached streaming platforms and social media sites, videos of the murder still linger on several sites.

Most platforms are not held liable for the content posted by its users. But they are subject to copyright claims. And this is why people with similar complaints rely on copyright to get violating content removed. However, Parker does not own the copyright of this video. It belongs to Gray Television.

For this reason, Parker converted the video into an NFT, in an attempt to claim ownership of the video. Parker calls it a “Hail Mary” —  an act of desperation.

Moish Peltz, an intellectual property lawyer who specializes in blockchain, crypto, and NFT says, “Digital tokens could pose unique tests for how copyright principles apply in cases with extenuating circumstances.”

Parker agrees that the NFT situation puts him in a new and daunting place. But, he believes that with the copyright issue, this is the only thing he can do now. 

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