Shiba Inu To Launch 99,000 Digitized Lands in Its Shiberse

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  • Shiba Inu will launch 99,000 digitized lands for purchase in its Shiberse.
  • The lands will appear in the form of real estate properties.
  • Investors can purchase the lands by paying with Ethereum.

The incoming Shiba Inu’s Shiberse metaverse will hold over 99,000 digitized lands inside it. The lands will be in the form of digital real estate properties that would be available for purchase. The announcement came as a surprise in a recent Shiba Inu AMA event.

The official launch of the digitized lands will last for a minimum of 10 days. Leash holders of the SHIB lands will be granted the first access to view, bid, and make purchases inside the Shiberse. This means that the Leash holders will have the option to become the rightful owners by simply purchasing the lands.

In addition, 35,000 plots of land will be released at the initial stage of the launch for auction. After the first batch of the lands gets sold out, the rest of the lands will be available to the public in stages. Apart from the Leash holders, traders will be allowed to navigate through the second batch of the lands to make a purchase.  

In contrast, the bidding date, as well as the price of the lands, has not been announced. The team mentioned that they will take a step forward to do what they possibly can to announce the bidding date whenever the release is approaching.

By purchasing the plots, traders, as well as investors, are obliged to pay in Ethereum (ETH) and not any other digital asset. That said, the maximum a traders’ wallet can purchase is 100 plots with a 10 by 10 land in the Shiberse. Furthermore, with the help of the innovative concept of Metaverse, Shiba Inu seems to be making waves as it introduces the Shiba lands.  

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