Neal Benches SHAQ.ETH, Twitter Handle Now Says SHAQ.SOLS

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    • The former basketball player Shaquille O’Neal changes his Twitter bio to Shaq.sol.
    • The NBA star also shared his first Solana NFT in a recent tweet.
    • Numbers of Solana NFTs are getting higher to pass $1B in total volume.

The former basketball player and NBA star Shaquille O’Neal, known commonly as Shaq,  changed his Twitter bio from SHAQ.ETH to SHAQ.SOL, while he mentioned in a tweet that it “got a nice ring to it”.

As the star showed his support to Solana coin, which is also known as one of the “Ethereum killers,” he also tweeted saying that he just received his first Solana NFT and ending the tweet with “Welcome Shaq-a-Cat!”

The star has only commented on this on his Twitter, and there is no clue yet to link this shift from Ethereum to Solana for any reason. Yet this shift has affected the Solana NFT numbers for sure. As reported by Spencer Noon, the number of NFT launches on Solana “has skyrocketed, with more than 8 million total NFTs being minted using Metaplex.”

The report also mentioned Magic Edin, saying:

A leading NFT marketplace built on Solana, an ecosystem that facilitates high frequency, low-cost NFT trading and recently passed $1b in total volume.

In other words, and if you compare the development Magic Edin has made to the world’s largest market space OpenSea, you can notice that the average daily transaction per user has grown up to three times higher on Magic Edin.

Numbers show that even with OpenSea capturing almost 94% market share on Ethereum, Magic Eden still has managed to climb to 86%, with other major projects being Solanart and Solsea. All of that comes with cheaper transaction fees on Solana, therefore, Magic Eden continues to make an achievement.