Cybee DAO: Largest NFT Community that Provides Passive Income and Benefits for Holders

Purchasing a Cybee NFT automatically grants access to the DAO, and will also reward users with the CBD Tokens.

With the Non-Fungible Token (NFT) ecosystem growing at a very fast pace, the new Cybee DAO is aiming at building one of the largest communities in this space with self-functional capabilities. While every project has its own personal and inherent ambitions, the Cybee DAO ecosystem aims to grow into a fully decentralized application (Dapp) and Games platform that is fully under the control of its community members.

Cybee Community Membership and Benefits

The Cybee Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) comes off as an outfit with many facets characterized typically by its NFTs, its ecosystem token, and its governance model.

Traditional NFT projects, such as APE and PUNK, have a total supply of only 10k NFTs, and their business model is mainly based on the value of rarity, which is only a game for whales. Unlike traditional NFT projects, Cybee emphasizes the value of community. Users can become a part of the Cybee ecosystem by acquiring one of the Cybees for a relatively low investment. Cybee boasts 1 million NFTs as its total supply, which will eventually gather 300k-500k holders, thus empowering the whole community and attracting countless developers to build the whole ecosystem of Cybee. Ultimately, all holders will benefit from the Cybee ecosystem together.

Cybee will also be the first NFT community to boast of a lockup mechanism. As contained in details shared with Coinspeaker, the first 10,000 Cybee NFTs sale has been closed. The remaining Cybees will not be allowed to trade on the secondary market until they are sold out. Additionally, all new investors will only be able to mint Cybee on the project’s official website instead of buying on secondary markets, a mechanism that will accelerate the construction of Cybee DAO.

Per the ecosystem design, the Cybee DAO is a project that focuses on long-term growth and as such, is only looking to onboard investors with a similar growth mindset. The Cybee NFT team also understands that maintaining a long-term growth mindset among investors is difficult to come by especially with the high level of volatility and uncertainty that is associated with the industry. As such, a revenue-sharing model has been established which will be controlled by the DAO.

Purchasing a Cybee NFT automatically grants access to the DAO, and will also reward users with CBD Tokens. The revenue-sharing rewards will be shared either on a quarterly or an annual basis.The amount will be calculated based on the proportion to their CBD holdings.

Why Investors Should Own Cybees

Besides the highlighted benefits of owning a Cybees NFT, investors also stand the chance to get the ticket to invite to earn Ethereum (ETH) rewards. More new members invited means more ETH rewards to be earned. This will be a great opportunity to get involved in one of the biggest DAO in the early stages of development, with holders being able to participate in the governance of the community and determine its future growth. All early holders will gain more as the community grows.

Owning a Cybee NFT will also qualify holders to receive 3D Cybee airdrop and Cybee NFT Derivatives. As a functional NFT platform, Cybee NFT holders can easily update the features of their assets using the CBD tokens, which will also grant access to play games and earn in the broader ecosystem.

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