Matt Wallace Rug Pulls, Dogecoin Creator Billy Markus Reacts

  • Matt Wallace releases a new coin, while the coin ends up being a scam.
  • A Telegram call that was supposed to explain what happened ends up becoming “pure chaos”.
  • Dogecoin creator Billy Markus reacts to the rug pull.

Not many hours ago, a massive attack was launched by Billy Markus, the creator of Dogecoin, on DogeTuber Matt Wallace, accusing him of a rug pull and calling him out for it. The attack was most obvious in two tweets on Markus’ official Twitter account.

In the first tweet, Markus shared a tweet that was posted by an account under the name “Coffeezilla”. The original tweet has a video of a Telegram call with Wallace and many others, while Wallace was struggling to explain what happened.

Coffeezilla captioned the tweet by saying, “”DogeTuber” Matt Wallace launches another shitcoin and it instantly rugs, lmao. Their telegram is pure chaos,” while Markus shared the tweet and expressed his anger.

Less than two hours after the first tweet was published, Markus published another tweet attacking Wallace:

protip: if you don’t want people to constantly attack you forever for losing them money, don’t make a shit token in 2022. if you don’t wanna get rug pulled, don’t buy shit tokens in 2022. I have no more remorse about this. shit tokens are 100% cancer, from scams to spam stop.

As for the Telegram call, the anger was very obvious since investors had just lost their money and were asking for it back, yet Matt Wallace and his team didn’t seem to have answers. Wallace kept on repeating that he was not aware of what happened.

Yet, Wallace still tweeted on his official page saying “The goal of getting companies to accept Dogecoin will continue on no matter what!”. In other words, he seems to be going forward with his Doge youtube channel.