Blockchain Gaming Launchpads And Their Unique Offering To Developers

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  • GameFi is taking over the world of gaming with P2E as a motive.
  • Attarius Network is now a launchpad for developers to build and access a full-fledged marketplace.
  • Many other launchpads are waiting for developers with unique offers.

GameFi is currently taking the world by storm. This year alone, we have seen sharp increases in activity in the GameFi sector – a precursor of things to come when the market itself gets back to good health. Platforms are doing bigger numbers, and more people are enamored with the concept of earning for gaming.

The jump in popularity experienced by the GmeFi sector comes from the fact that more people love the idea of playing games and earning money. Instead of just doing something for fun or as a passion, you could also turn it into a business. If not for anything, that concept grabs people easily. However, this also puts a lot of pressure on GameFi projects to get everything right. Instead of just building a game that people love, you also need to maintain an active and thriving economy.

Today, more people are looking to build GameFI projects and shock the world. A lot of them have the potential to do something impressive, but there is always that important question that every developer should ask – do I want to do this alone or just join a launchpad.

The Rise of Accelerators And Tech

During the past two decades, there has been a steady increase in seed funding for the platforms. This increase is due in no small part to the presence of accelerators.

Platforms like Y Combinator and Techstars have made it easy for tech platforms to make and raise money. They take you in, help you to build the first iteration of your project, and give you the exposure you need to grow on your own.

The crypto space has also seen an increase in accelerator presence. Even large crypto exchanges like Coinbase and FTX have venture capital arms that invest in smaller startups and help them to grow.

For GameFi, this field is starting to grow. We have Attarius Network, which acts as a launchpad for GameFi developers to build and access a full-fledged marketplace filled with potential users and investors.

Attarius Network offers access to a complete suite of tools to build your GameFi ecosystem, ensuring that you don’t get to do any heavy lifting on your own. Instead, they help you with many of the technical – and even some technical – components.

More and more, launchpads and accelerator programs are starting and giving GameFi developers a proper platform for them to grow and scale.

GameFi development isn’t technical alone

When you have a solid idea for a GameFi platform, it’s easy for you to be skeptical of launchpads. However, it is important or you to understand why you could need them:

One of the biggest things that developers should know about GameFi is that this field is much more different than traditional tech. GameFi involves building a game that people want to play – as well as building an ecosystem. Sadly, the process of building an ecosystem also includes ensuring that your token is active and functional – and that it has liquidity.

There’s also the marketing aspect. You have to ensure that the game you’re building is able to get enough eyeballs and engagement online, or you risk people not even knowing a thing about the game.

There are several other parts of running a GameFi platform that doesn’t even include the technical stuff. And right now, if you don’t have those in place, it will be impossible for you to effectively run the platform you’re looking to run.

Launchpads can help with this. Some of them already have components that you need – from marketing to marketplace and liquidity sourcing, and much more. All you have to do is plug in and become a part of their ecosystem, and they get you online almost instantly.

When you consider this and the work it would require for you to get started on your own, it becomes clearer that launchpads are a better choice.

Better access to investors

Some launchpads won’t offer an opportunity for you to get seed funding. However, one benefit you get from working with a launchpad is that you get better access to investors and potential partners. You can build a network with interesting personalities who share the same passion as you. And with their expertise, you can easily grow much faster.

Usually, you can pitch your platform to an investor and get the exposure you need to engage other partners. You can also potentially meet a larger business-minded person who believes that your platform could be a hit. Once you engage with them, you’re potentially in business.

Again, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you will meet anyone. Instead of investors, it could be a partner who wants to work with you and sees ways for your platform to be better. At the end of the day, the point is that you can build proper partnerships and alliances to move your platform forward.

Faster, more valuable knowledge

As explained earlier, launchpads offer access to a vast network of skilled and experienced people. Their knowledge could be at your disposal as you set toward your new venture.

With the information that these people offer, you can scale and grow your platform much faster. If there’s a need for you to reinvent your platform’s direction, then they could offer their expertise and help you get to where you need much faster.

All in all, the point to be made is that you get to build faster when you work with and belong to an ecosystem that is committed to your development. Right now, GameFi developers have the perfect opportunity to access this with launchpads. Build faster, win faster.

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