$Elite Strives To Be The Future Of NFTs, The Metaverse, P2E And The Mobile World

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$Elite’s objective is to make a cryptoverse in which the community can seamlessly and pleasantly access the plethora of blockchain technology and the services it provides. The team wants to break down those barriers to entry which currently exist for the average user and give them a simple yet effective way to take part in this burgeoning sector.

But how?

The team’s overall goal entails the development of a crypto ecosystem connected to the mobile sector, influencers, NFTs, the metaverse, and the P2E (Play to Earn) concept, with the $ELITE token representing the heart of this ecosystem and also serving as its official admission ticket. $ELITE is a Polygon based token which is now also available on top exchanges like QuickSwap. It is additionally trackable on both CoinMarketCap and Polygonscan.

To make all of this feasible, the $Elite team is building a range of high-tech goods that can meet the worldwide need for the new younger generation who are increasingly drawn to this emerging digital world full of exciting opportunities and privileges but nevertheless often find it difficult to access.

What are some of the products of the $Elite crypto system?

For the first time ever, a telecommunications business is attaching its community and services to a cryptocurrency. Elimobile goal and ambition is to hence build a real economic system that mixes telco and crypto services.

There are also metaverses and play2 earn games: Runiverse (a cross-metaverse gaming platform with a demo set to be released in April) and Cryminals.com (a play2earn collectible game will feature 11,111 unique characters NFTs with various utilities).

Another product that will give strength to the whole ecosystem is Elisium which is a global application on both Android and iOS that contains premium digital services and entertainment. These include a variety of films, virtual masterclasses conducted by influencers, meet-and-greet sessions, and more. Essentially, Elisium combines the social media model with that of blockchain technology which culminates in a decentralized platform that rewards social interaction, quality content and the influencers themselves. Moreover, this content is also digitized in NFTs and may be exclusively bought with $ELITE tokens. This ensures the owners’ exploitation rights within the platform itself.

Furthermore, there is the $Elite NFT marketplace, a place specifically designed for the project’s ecosystem that also allows for NFTs to be sold directly at a fixed price and via an auction based on the $Elite token. This marketplace is the main hub of sales and trading of all non-fungible tokens which are part of any of the crypto system’s various products which includes the aforementioned Elisium application to rare collectibles to even the P2E and metaverse functionalities and the $Elite investment platform where users can manage their respective investments easily.

About $Elite

$Elite is the central component upon which the project’s ecosystem is constructed, a prerequisite for the access to all related projects and the Elite Community itself.

With Elite you can buy goods and services within Elimobile, the world’s first platform to create a true economic system that combines Telco services and crypto benefits.

Elite is also the purchase currency of our NFTs marketplace, where you can buy NFTs for the Elisium App (a decentralised social media platform that rewards social interaction, quality content, and the influencers who create value for the community), as well as skins, characters, tracks and anything else you may need to enjoy the experience in our play to earn games as Runiverse, Cryminals and MetaMatic.

Elite also offers coverage through its investment platform, an easy to use platform to manage Elite assets. Its main goal is to maximise the investments and to protect Élite’s price in the long term.

And that’s not all, this is just the beginning. A wide number of utilities which are expected to increase through the creation of new collaborations and the resulting expansion of the ecosystem and the community.

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