Adrian Grenier: Crypto Can ‘Fix a Lot of the Systems that Are Broken’

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According to Grenier, crypto adoption will reach the level at which fiat currencies will be replaced by digital coins. The actor even plans to start his own mining community in Texas, grow his own food, and use cryptocurrencies as a way to trade locally. 

American actor, producer, director, and musician Adrian Grenier, best known for his performance in the TV series ‘Entourage’, has been bullish on the crypto industry for quite a long. Soon after defending Bitcoin (BTC) mining companies, he stated that crypto can “fix a lot of the systems that are broken currently, and are quite wasteful across all industries.”

As Grenier has explained, crypto is not just a thing that uses energy but a valuable asset. In addition, he believes cryptocurrencies are capable of benefiting many industries.

“Cryptocurrencies are useful assets that will fix many industries to be more efficient, so if you look at the global net benefit, I think it’s it’s a positive one,” said he.

Previously, Grenier defended Bitcoin mining companies that environmentalists had been criticizing for the impact of mining on the planet.

Grenier said:

“Everything that we do has an environmental cost. There are externalities to absolutely everything. And just because something has an externality does not mean that it’s a net detriment. I think that bitcoin has a net benefit.”

According to Grenier, crypto adoption will reach the level at which fiat currencies will be replaced by digital coins. He added:

“The mainstream sentiment is that bitcoin is about making money…and sure that that does happen, but really, what is at the heart of bitcoin, and all decentralized currencies, is an ethos and a philosophy around decentralizing our ability to connect with one another in various ways, exchange value, and be owners and have more sovereignty in the world’s wealth, taking it out of the hands of the gatekeepers and the centralized banks.”

The actor has also revealed his intention to start his own mining community in Texas. He is planning to grow his own food and use cryptocurrencies as a way to trade locally.

Embracing Space Tourism

Another industry that Adrien Grenier is strongly supporting is space tourism. Recently, he teamed up with the stratospheric ballooning and house journey firm World View to become its Chief Earth Advocate. In his new role, Grenier will contribute to completing World View’s mission to rediscover Earth, develop new environmental strategies, inspire new perspectives on the planet as well as encourage deeper respect for it as a living organism.

“Space tourism is an exciting concept, and the fact that World View puts our interconnectedness squarely at the heart of exploration is in line with my personal values. Together, we will be able to honor the planet and encourage future generations to be better stewards of its resources and beauty,” stated Grenier.

Notably, World View’s global space tourism program will start its first commercial flights in early 2024, with tickets costing $50,000.

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