Deflationary Token Rocky Inu Builds Bridge to Ethereum

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Rocky Inu (ROCKY) is putting 10% of the total ROCKY token supply on presale as part of its expansion to Ethereum. The project is currently hosting a presale event on Pinksale, waiting for investors to buy their share before April 5. Furthermore, Rocky Inu is building on the success of its token on the Binance Smart Chain.

Rocky Inu is a deflationary token that has surged in popularity through its several user benefits, such as:

● No fees on Buy transactions.
● 91% of the entire 1 Quadrillion ROCKY tokens are under lock.
● An anti-rug pull mechanism in which the team pumped 20% of the total token supply.
● Distribution of 3% of all non-buy transaction fees towards ROCKY holders.

These features helped ROCKY make a name for itself on Binance Smart Chain. Now, the project is looking to replicate that success through a bridge on Ethereum. To this end, the team offers for sale 10% of the total token supply through a presale currently live on Pinksale.

The event started on March 21, and it will end on April 5. Interested investors have a good chance of helping the Rocky Inu community grow by participating in the presale.

ROCKY Presale on Ethereum

● Presale Address – 0xc3459F17BB06fb22daFaFec003Ab06F34b31deD4
● Token Name – Rocky Inu
● Token Symbol – ROCKY
● Total Supply – 1,000,000,000,000,000 ROCKY
● Tokens For Presale – 100,000,000,000,000 ROCKY
● Presale Rate – 1 ETH = 500,000,000,000 ROCKY
● First Release For Presale – 40%
● Vesting For Presale – 30% each 30 days
● Listing Rate – 1 ETH = 450,000,000,000 ROCKY
● Initial Market Cap (estimate) – $1,870,188
● Start Time – 2022.03.21 15:00 (UTC)
● End Time – 2022.04.05 16:00 (UTC)
● Soft Cap – 100 ETH
● Hard Cap – 200 ETH
● Liquidity Percent – 70%
● Listing On – Uniswap
● Liquidity Lockup Time – 180 days after pool ends
● Total Team Vesting Tokens – 200,000,000,000,000 ROCKY
● First Release After Listing (days) – 30 days
● Tokens release each cycle – 30% each 30 days
● First Release For Team – 40%

Rocky Inu in a Nutshell

Rocky Inu launched on November 28, 2021, with the purpose of helping ROCKY holders build more wealth. The project automatically burns 3% of all non-buy transaction fees to serve the token’s deflationary purpose. This means that the token’s value should go up as its circulating supply drops. So far, the protocol has already burned 30% of the total supply of ROCKY tokens.

For more information about Rocky Inu, please follow the links below:

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Instagram

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