ParallelChain Launches the First of 4 Testnets, Ahead of its Mainnet Launch

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ParallelChain, the Layer1 protocol that works on a POS delegated validator system, has just announced news of the release of its Testnet. The Testnet provides the test ground for apps hosting on ParallelChain. 

The team has announced that over the course of the coming months 4 testnets will be put into operation, before the main event, the launch of their much-awaited Mainnet. The Testnets will allow teams, and developers to build and deploy their smart contracts from here without incurring any cost or fees.

Testnet 1, which is now fully operational, will support Turing-complete WASM smart contracts.These are smart contracts that can be used to find answers or solutions to any computation problem or riddle. The system, which uses a Rust SDK, enables users to develop and run their own smart contracts, or indeed even to experiment and navigate their way through the blockchain over their Explorer. This feature allows users to scan activity across blockchains, to investigate blocks, addresses and other data.

For the more advanced user, they have the option to explore directly through ParallelChain’s light client ( pchain) in order to link with the Testnet 1 node. The ParallelChain Testnet 1 is powered by its native token, the TXPLL. These tokens are purely dor testing only and they do not contain any value.

Those interested in exploring and using the Testnet 1 can do so through here or directly from the Explorer. ParallelChain has emphasized that the team is at the disposal of those users who have questions or more technical issues around the use of the Testnet, allowing them to make contact directly through their Telegram group. Discord users can link up through their Discord channel. ParallelChain will soon have an Ask me Anything (AMA) event with their engineers, and users are encouraged to attend to learn about the future of this protocol and the blockchain in general.

According to ParallelChain’s spokesperson, “ParallelChain Testnet 1 is the beginning of the real journey. We are incredibly grateful for having the MOST awesome community ever, with many who believe in ParallelChain and have been SO patient and faithful as we build the infrastructures. Words of gratitude are far from enough, we’ll show you what your support helps us accomplish.”

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