BTM Operator Bitcoin of America Adds Shiba Inu to Bitcoin ATMs

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The inclusion of Shiba Inu in BTMs has been touted as a huge step for the adoption and popularity of the meme coin.

Bitcoin of America has formally revealed the latest inclusion to their Bitcoin Automated Teller Machines (BTMs). Shiba Inu (SHIB) coins, which were recently brought into circulation in 2020, are now available at Bitcoin of America ATMs.

Bitcoin of America, which is a popular virtual currency exchange, owns more than eighteen hundred Bitcoin ATMs, called the BTMs, spread over thirty-one states all around the United States. The company acknowledged the increasing significance of the Shiba Inu coin in the crypto space and decided to capitalize on the recent market trends. While Shiba Inu poses as the most recent addition to the BTMs, the company Bitcoin of America has been hosting cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum options. Before the addition of Shiba Inu, the company had included Dogecoin to its list of cryptocurrencies in March this year.

As a virtual currency exchange, Bitcoin of America has also been authorized and registered as a money services enterprise with the United States Department of Treasury. The company is widely appreciated and lauded for its top-of-the-line customer care, and at the same time, for offering an extremely quick and convenient transaction.

Bitcoin of America has facilitated numerous businesses daily with their physical setup of BTMs. This allows people to acquire shares in the crypto world in a rather non-conventional way. Moreover, they also make sure of their host locations by offering them passive incomes, elevated foot traffic, and marketing. To top it all, they have also made it easier for users to contact them in case of an emergency via their stellar customer support and maintenance services.

The famous operator has added new features and renditions to their BTMs and services in this one year. Recently, they inaugurated universal kiosks that function as conventional ATMs integrated with the BTM attributes. The point-of-sale was designed for the tablet program, which has enabled enterprises to welcome cryptocurrency as a novel method of payment. Bitcoin of America has been observing ever-increasing growth as it expands on the services provided to its customers.

The inclusion of Shiba Inu in BTMs has been touted as a huge step for the adoption and popularity of the meme coin. In March this year, the currency was also included in the AMC’s lineup of supported digital tokens.

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