Lunar – Re-centralizing the Chaos of Decentralization

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  • Lunar offers a re-centralized cryptocurrency platform that provides all the benefits of DeFi.
  • Lunar’s all-in-one interface opens a new simplified and transparent user-friendly experience.
  • $LNR is the native token of the network that utilizes the BSC technology.

Cryptocurrency stands at the border between niche and mainstream. The number of institutional investors is growing, though nowhere close to the 85% majority in stocks. The latest Coinbase shareholder letter shows a 56% increase in revenue from institutional money. With institutional investors multiplying, the transition to mainstream is becoming clearer.

However, very few projects bridge the gap between crypto and the real world. These projects often lack professionalism, are isolated from real-world businesses and create chaotic decentralized platforms. Hence, a project is needed that provides a controlled hub of decentralized utility, handled with maturity and with real-world partnerships. This project is Lunar, with its BNB (binance smart chain) token $LNR. Lunar offers a re-centralized cryptocurrency platform that provides all the benefits of DeFi (decentralized finance) – with none of the chaos.

The problems with current DeFi systems create a slow and unreliable interaction between users and exchange systems. This can be tied to the generally low liquidity and difficulty switching between blockchains creating a complicated user-experience. The diversity between currencies and tokens exchanged disallow the insufficient number of traders to match seamlessly moving assets. With Lunar’s all-in-one interface, fragmentation is a thing of the past, opening for a new simplified and transparent user-friendly experience. Integrating all these features into a collective platform built for cross chain compatibility with tokens and NFTs.


Lunar utility is unparalleled. It’s not just the utility offered that’s great, but how the systems work together. Unlike other platforms that present standalone utility, Lunar offers it all. Utility options include; Wallets, DEX trading, price charts, token information, token explorers, portfolio tracking, watchlists, price alerts, reflection tracking, staking, NFT (non-fungible token) trading and more. Currently, if a user wanted to purchase and stake tokens they would need to go through several platforms to acquire them. Investors would also need to cross-reference charts and look through token explorers. With Lunar, the benefits of decentralization are focused on the user, re-centralizing the experience.


Lunar streamlining the cryptocurrency process is what will bring more institutional investors and traditional companies into the industry. As such, The Planetary Society has already entered a partnership with Lunar. The Planetary Society is a space focused non-profit organization co-founded by Carl Sagan, now with CEO Bill Nye. Lunar has joined them to assist in their mission to explore space, find life and defend earth. To do so, Lunar created a joint fund that fuels space-related research and developments. This partnership is an integral demonstration that cryptocurrency is far more than a niche method for financial gain. Lunar and The Planetary Society enact a grand vision to change the world.


Lunar doesn’t just bring a smooth and streamlined experience, but also brings an accessible experience. Accessibility is a vital component of bringing in new investors. Lunar was recently listed onDigifinex, a leading exchange that prioritized meeting legal requirements to ensure a safe marketplace globally. Due to this focus on compliance and regulation Digifinex hosts one of the largest institutional cryptocurrency investment platforms. The platform is designed with beneficial features for institutions to perform advanced trading. By providing access to institutional investors Lunar is set to bridge the gap to mass adoption.


Lunar offers further unique incentives. To enhance their ecosystem, Lunar is creating what they call NFT crystals. The high-quality 3D-rendered NFTs are created to provide optional but impactful utility. Each crystal is assigned to one of eight different types with varying rarities. The rarity of crystals dictates the utility a user gains. For instance, one rarity will add tokenomics where a holder gets percentage rewards from every $LNR transaction.

Lunar is the fastest-growing project in the BNB ecosystem. They offer a wealth of benefits in an expansive yet simple package, where a user can do anything, from trading crypto or NFTs to chart analysis and token staking. Lunar also created a real-world partnership with The Planetary Society, furthering science and creating lasting change. Chaotic and segmented DeFi platforms are now a thing of the past as Lunar absorbs all features into one smooth experience.

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