New NFT Search Engine Launch Will Change Everything in the NFT Space

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    • Ludo is set to launch the NFT search engine to enhance the NFT related experience and opportunity.
    • The search engine aims to resolve the fragmentation in the NFT industry by allowing buyers to search for any NFT they want in a single space.
    • Ludo is bridging the gap between artists and fans so they can directly search for their favorite artists’ NFT collections.

The fragmentation in the NFT space is becoming more evident every day as new NFT projects are launched. While there are several utility-rich projects, investors and collectors alike still feel frustrated due to the lack of an integrated gateway to the metaverse.

Gamers and investors have a difficult time connecting with the right projects due to the increase in the number of projects. Moreover, it has become challenging to figure out the potentially rich and valuable projects from the scams that make investors wary of the crypto space.

Ludo aims to resolve this fragmentation by becoming the gateway to the metaverse through a Web 3 default play to earn AppStore and search engine; this will simplify and enhance NFT related experience and opportunities. At the same time, Ludo is set to launch its NFT search engine, which will be a game-changer for the industry.

NFT Search Engine Launch

Ludo is preparing for the Beta launch for the search engine with a hard date yet to be disclosed. This NFT search engine beta version will take the industry to the next level by creating a unified space where all collectors and investors can interact and participate.

The engine was designed to solve the fragmentation in the NFT industry by allowing buyers to search for any NFT they want in a single place. Moreover, as the sheer number of Play-to-Earn games has increased tremendously, investors and users have difficulty identifying projects with high potential. Therefore, Ludo’s search engine will change the current NFT paradigm by optimizing the industry and connecting the best players with the best games.

This feature of Ludo’s search engine will work on several levels as it will not only help gamers and users but also improve the utility of all projects and help them become more successful. The search engine will help gamers have access to more rewarding opportunities based on their preferences. For instance, Ludo will connect a player interested in racing games with projects such as K4Rally for a more profitable and enjoyable experience.

Apart from that, Ludo’s search engine will also enable more utility for artists and fans by bridging the gap between them. A fan or enthusiast can directly search for their favorite artists’ NFT collection and choose the most convenient marketplace for them.

Following the beta launch of the search engine, Ludo will release the full version which will showcase more utility and features for the community.

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