“Let’s Go Brandon” to Introduce Its Own NFT Collection

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  • Let’s Go Brandon will launch an NFT Collection.
  • Artists described it as a symbol of the ‘merica’ fun take on patriotism.
  • The LGB Team will continue to work on more projects in the future.

In 2021, the popularity of speculative crypto assets like NFTs surged, leading to billions of dollars in sales. NFTs have ushered in a new era in modern art, with simple drawings fetching millions of dollars at auctions.

According to its creators, the entireLet’s Go Brandon (LGB) collection came to birth in the middle of the night by unidentified “renegades,” according to its creators. The artists described their project as a symbol of the “’merica” fun take on patriotism.

Let us share a quick overview of this new project we found on OpenSea, giving readers all the necessary tools to evaluate it.

The Promises of the LGB Team

The internet does not currently provide a “Let’s Go Brandon” NFT collection with as many items as this one does (at least not in a pixelated form). While the success of NFT technology in 2021 was remarkable, not all NFT collections accumulated millions of dollars.

The real question here is: can LGB manage to be one of the most successful NFT projects in 2022? The answer will only be given by the market, and we will share the available information in our article.

We do not yet know the names of all of the “Brandons” involved in this OpenSea project, but we should learn more about them in the coming weeks. What we do know is that the artists will not release all of the NFTs simultaneously but instead let five days pass between each sale.

For those inexperienced with NFT sales, it’s worth noting that these rounds might be challenging to access from time to time. Because artists typically sell their creations for a short time, consumers must act quickly if they wish to add NFTs to their wallets.

The Pledge to Reward NFT Holders

The possibility of money distribution is one of the most enticing elements of the blockchain business. Passive income has piqued the interest of many risk-averse investors who previously shied away from this volatile market.

The artists at Let’s Go Brandon promise to put their community at the project’s core. The creators intend to provide a 10% incentive on all system transactions to traders with four or more NFTs in their wallets.

It may be tempting to acquire NFTs and instantly sell them in a volatile industry like the blockchain at a greater price. By rewarding everyone who has NFTs, the team hopes to prevent this type of short-term speculation, which may not benefit the project.

Apart from compensating individuals who possess at least four Brandons (as detailed in the dedicated section), the team will work on community-building projects. For example, investors may combine their two Brandons to acquire a new NFT if certain ultra-rare NFTs become available during special events.

Furthermore, the creators wish to launch several digital social events on its Discord community.

Key Final Points on This New Collection

It will undoubtedly be intriguing to observe how the market reacts to the introduction of this new collection. As previously indicated, not all NFT collections generate revenue of a million dollars, but some possess the right features to do so.

Only investors will have the right to judge LGB and its NFTs. Let’s Go Brandon will open shortly with a witty take on the U.S. political establishment, and we’ll keep our readers updated on any subsequent developments.

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