MOBOX Launches MOMOverse, Boost Network’s 24 Hour Volume

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  • MOBOX has announced the launch of its latest project MOMOverse.
  • The project dragged a lot of traffic during its first 24 hours.
  • MBOX Token climbed 50.8% during the last week and 2.2% in the last 24 hours.

The leading GameFi DApp MOBOX launched its latest blockchain gaming project MOMOverse. While the project has been out for only 24 hours, numbers show that the platform dragged a lot of traffic.

MOMOverse is a cross-platform metaverse that allows players to take a part in an interactive gaming experience where they can personalize their avatars and choose a profession from the available choices while generating financial benefits through gaming.

Meanwhile, to help with the game’s social reach, the MOMOverse is also prepared to have a network of social games that include party farming, resource islands, guild wars, the league of Avatars, and more.

Also, within the MOMOverse players can find the MOmarket, where they can easily trade NFT items. Players also have access to the MOseum, where they are allowed to showcase MOMO NFTs and digital collectibles from outside the MOMOverse.

As reported, the number of wallets connected to MOBOX reached 56,000 wallets, which achieved a growth of 510% over the previous 24 hours. While the number of transactions climbed to almost 65,000, scoring growth of more than 275%.

Reports also say that more than $27 million in NFT trading volume in March, and its native token MBOX doubled in price. In particular, the MBOX token has reached a growth of 50.8% during the last seven days and 2.2% growth during the last 24 hours.

MOMOverse also stated that they will release a second phase update, which will include a MOMOverse World Map and MOland gameplay. With this update, players will be able to explore and compete for their territory.

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