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JAM Finance (JAM) announced its official exchange listing of its token $JAM on BitForex exchange. It is announced that the official listing date and $JAM is open for trading at 11:00 on April 3rd, 2022 (GMT+8) / 03:00 UTC time.

JAM Finance is emerging as the next big player in the market after Sushi Swap and Pancake Swap. JAM has currently been able to get a hold of the Japanese market is becoming increasingly popular there day by day through brand partnerships and strategic moves. The basic principle of the crypto space is “utility drives value”. Each bear cycle sweeps away projects that fail to provide value to the community. Decentralized finance is one of the mediums through which the crypto space is getting application and value. In the name of true decentralization, JAM Finance has also released its trading platform. JAM Finance is a Binance Smart Chain-based decentralized exchange that offers additional DeFi like yield farming, yield farming aggregator, lottery, and other benefits as well.

DEX Specs:

The UI/UX of the website is designed to be very interactive and intuitive. The top toolbar gives easy access to all the functionalities available in the application. With their product, JAM Finance promises the following:

  • Convenience
  • Security
  • Money-making potential


The transactions are extremely easy to make as the DeX only requires the connection of a wallet after which the tokens can be swapped. The application currently supports Metamask, Trust Wallet, Safe Pal, and much more. As is the case with other automated market makers (AMMs), JAM also facilitates with “swapping” of tokens.

Ethereum based dexes have seen a backlash in the recent past due to the hiking gas fees and slow transactions. Since the JAM Finance application is built on the BSC platform, the trading fees are extremely low and the transactions are fast.


All DeXes are made using smart contracts and since these contracts are executable code, there’s room for bugs and hacking. So, JAM finance gets its contracts audited by the best revenue optimizing audit lending experts to ensure the safety and security of all transactions.


JAM Finance allows users to make passive income using the following:

  • Liquidity Farming
  • Staking Pools

These methods help users make anywhere from 12% to 2,968% (Yes, that’s written right) in APR depending on the token you’re providing liquidity for. All these methods are ready to use and can be easily accessed on the website. There’s a lottery which is held on the application every day. The ticket can be bought using the native JAM tokens. If 2 or more numbers match the winning number in their respective places, the owner gets a reward. If there is no winner in a day, the rewards are transferred to the next day.

JAM Token:

The native token of the AMM is the JAM token which can be used for staking, swapping, liquidity provision, lotteries, and other application that the team aims to provide in the future. Furthermore, this is also the governance token for the platform. The total supply is 5 billion tokens based on Binance Smart Chain (BSC-20). The transaction fees are extremely low and the speed is much higher than Ethereum standards.

CAKE, the AMM built on BSC, also provided great value and return for investors, and the same is expected from JAM. The governance token, CAKE, surged from $0.2 to an all-time high of $42 once trading on most bug exchanges started with its increasing popularity of staking and other DeFi benefits.

The team is working on bringing the token to major exchanges. The most recent partnership was with which was one of the biggest partnerships for JAM. Investors can now buy JAM directly from BitForex as well as JAM Finance’s own platform.

Future Plans:

JAM Finance has shown their interest in building an ecosystem that incorporates crypto, games, nfts, and a metaverse. They are working to make a game and metaverse of their own which will be interoperable with their partner projects. NFTs will be worn as avatars in the JAM metaverse. According to the latest tweet:

#JAMFinance is at the forefront of the metaverse.

Anyone can bring any NFT into the $JAM metaverse

We aim to create a space where all people can participate, interact, show off their collections, and enjoy the games.”

Due to JAM’s popularity in Japan, the major plans for the metaverse and NFTs include partnering up with Japan’s companies and to bring Anime characters to their NFT space as well as their metaverse. JAM has already partnered up with multiple Japanese NFT projects, the details of which can be found on JAM Finance’s Twitter page.

All in all, the project is progressing swiftly with new ideas flowing in each day due to which the token is expected to boom. As with all successful examples we’ve seen, the best way to make money in the crypto space is to get in early and given all the plans that JAM Finance has, this is definitely it!

Jam is available on the BitForex exchange for trade.

Details of JAM Token Listing is as follows:

Exchange: BITFOREX
Token Pair: JAM / USDT
Open Date: 3rd April 2022
Open Time: 11:00 GMT+8 | 03:00 UTC

Besides, there will be various campaign in partnership with BitForex such as trading campaigns & hodling campaigns where users can earn extra bonus tokens through the exchange in the upcoming future. Details as follows:


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