MetaMask Unveils Promised Updates: Apple Pay, Dark Mode Feature

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  • MetaMask delivers much-anticipated updates for its users.
  • This includes Apple Pay inclusion for payment supported by SendWyre.
  • The new updates also include the MetaMask dark mode feature.

The crypto wallet MetaMask Mobile v4.3.1 unveiled a new list of updates in a live session on March 23.  Among the new features, is the option to purchase cryptocurrencies using Apple Pay (mobile payment) via SendWyre integration.

Meanwhile, MetaMask has also introduced a dark mode feature for its mobile and website, which was one of the most requested features by users.

In detail, Apple Pay incubation on MetaMask will help users buy cryptocurrencies via Visa Mastercard supported by SendWyre. This will help increase transparency while interacting with smart contracts and dapps.

As reported by DappRadar, when a MetaMask user switches to a dapp, it can make the dapp see the user’s wallet address and request to confirm and send transactions from that address. The same method is applicable when a user mints, swaps, sells stakes, or farms in dapps.

Also, when a dapp requests MetaMask users to permit access, they can see the specific contract requesting it and have the option to mark the contract in order to recognize it in the future. And, disconnecting the user wallet from the dapp will not protect them from labeling the contract. The disconnecting process can be performed only by removing access to a contract.

Moreover, users can see, adjust or revoke allowances on Etherscan and other platforms, until Metamask integrates token revocation directly into the wallet.

MetaMask is a crypto wallet and a gateway to blockchain apps that claims to provide users with a key vault, secure login, taken wallet, and token exchange to manage the digital assets.

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