Solving The Fundamental Problems With Play-To-Earn Games

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Most individuals have always considered earning a livelihood through gaming to be a pipe dream. It was always just for fun, but now it’s more than just a fantasy. It is actively becoming a reality for both gamers and non-gamers alike.

However, in the words of Alex Ohanian, Reddit Co-Founder, a vast majority of people will most likely not play a game unless they are properly compensated for their time. Within five years, players will instead value their time properly, and rather than being harvested for advertisements or swindled for money to purchase seemingly pointless items that they don’t actually possess, users will be enjoying some on-chain equivalent game which shall be just as fun, with the main difference being that they will actually earn value and act as the harvester.

Blockchain and P2E

Blockchain games are already proactively adopting a new economic model that allows players to create value for themselves rather than passively consume entertainment. This is known as the P2E (Play-to-Earn) concept. The opportunity to earn crypto while playing, as well as NFT ownership, is what makes this new sort of game appealing. P2E has already attracted more than a million users, but one of the most challenging issues for P2E developers is determining how to make them more accessible and appealing in order to attract a broader audience.

High start-up expenses for new players are a key impediment to the widespread adoption of most P2E games. In other cases, participants must spend more than $1,000 USD to get started. Many individuals cannot afford to test it or often perceive it as a dangerous investment. While this large commitment can occasionally pay off in the P2E space, many players are nonetheless left unhappy after simply attempting to recover their initial investment.

What’s the solution?

All this does not seem like the promise of user empowerment that has been frequently emphasised as a key benefit of Web 3.0. The OpiPets team thinks that consumers should not be priced out of the gaming experience or be unable to profit from it.

OpiPets is essentially a free P2E online game that rewards players with cryptocurrency as well as the ability to create, battle, obtain, and trade their own respective NFT OpiPet avatars. OpiPets employs the P2E concept and focuses on providing the community with actual ownership of assets produced, in addition to digital economies and new opportunities to generate income.

The goal is to build a platform that allows an exceptional number of users to participate in the game and acquire assets. To do this, the team will work on dramatically reducing the adoption barriers that are presently preventing blockchain games from becoming widespread.

About OpiPets

Few things are less appealing to users, according to consumer research, than being compelled to go through tedious wallet onboarding procedures, costly initial charges, and a lack of exciting games. By making OpiPets free to play and requiring a wallet connection only when making a withdrawal, OpiPets makes P2E available to a far larger audience.

Moreover, the game offers a novel twist on NFTs, with actual purpose and utility. Characters in OpiPets are not simply an expression of the player’s thoughts and sentiments, but also of actual ownership, and with a plethora of cosmetics; skins, colours, and wearables at their disposal, players may build something customized and unique. The idea is that by merging gaming and NFTs, mainstream crypto acceptance may be accelerated.

Furthermore, there are two tokens in OpiPets: the in-game currency OPI and the governance token. In OpiPets, users may earn OPI without spending any real money, and OPI is the basis for all transactions in the game. Players may obtain additional OPI by utilizing the Opis Cloud app, which is multi-functional across all Opis Group products. Players may also gain a stake in the game and share in the success of OpiPets with Opis Games by acquiring governance tokens.

What’s the endgame?

The fundamental goal of OpiPets is to bring the “play” back into “Play-to-Earn.” Players can explore dungeon raids, treasure drops, and develop virtual businesses by purchasing a store to stock and sell in-game products. To enhance the experience, each OpiPet character was additionally hand-drawn to assure individuality.

Simply put, more people would be willing to give many games a shot if they could afford it. In the same way that Maplestory removed the financial restrictions imposed by monthly subscriptions, OpiPets hopes to revolutionize P2E by making both the concept and the game available to everyone, regardless of personal financial situations.

Visit the OpiPets official website for additional information and to view the roadmap. Join OpiPets on Medium if you want to read their writings. Connect with the OpiPets community on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to join the ever-growing OpiPets community.

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