Ariva Identified as Major Driver of Blockchain in Travel and Tourism




In a recent gathering of all crypto experts and tourism industry leaders, the Blockchain for Travel Summit, held in Dubai, on March 26,  Ariva was highlighted as a major driver of blockchain technology in travel and tourism. This event hosted key stakeholders in tourism for blockchain, world leaders, crypto experts, and other important dignitaries with a vested interest in blockchain for travel.

The  Global Tourism Forum Blockchain for Travel Summit was organized by Ariva and the World Tourism Forum Institute and supported by Dubai Tourism. The main focus of the event was to discuss how travel and tourism could be revolutionalized using blockchain technology. 

Among the high-profile speakers, Taleb Rifai, former United Nations World Tourism Organisation Secretary-General praised Ariva for standing out as a perfect example of how crypto payments could work in the tourism industry. He further stated that Ariva is leading the movement in making crypto a new payment model in all tourism industries in the near future.

The former president of France, François Hollande, noted that blockchain will transform the tourism industry and provide the right environment for transformation in the tourism industry. He further stated that blockchain and cryptocurrency would help the government and private sectors secure important data and redefine investment in the tourism sector. He sees it as the responsibility of the government and heads of state to make travel a better experience for everyone.

The event was an offshoot of a recent partnership between Ariva and the Global Tourism leaders, the World Tourism Forum Institute, and the Global Tourism Forum. This has positioned Ariva as a leading blockchain service provider in the travel and tourism industry. The World Tourism Forum Institute will be a link between Ariva and the rest of the global tourism community.




Ariva’s collaboration with the tourism forums will enable its token ARV, to become a globally accepted cryptocurrency. It is also geared to anchor so many programs and initiatives that can bring innovations to the tourism community.  

Ariva is a fast-growing tourism blockchain protocol with a platform focusing on the travel industry. Its ecosystem is divided into three areas

Ariva.World: is an online b2c crypto travel booking platform that allows users to pay less using cryptocurrency. It offers several payment methods to make bookings only in cryptocurrency. Users can download the mobile app to access all the features and benefits on the platform. It allows travelers to book travel services with Ariva coins and Stabelcoins.

Ariva.Finance: is a new generation of payment gateway based on blockchain technology. It’s a solution to payment complexities faced by online buyers and sellers due to the traditional banking system’s high commissions and hidden fees. The payment system can easily be set up on websites and mobile apps in a matter of minutes. Ariva.Finance payment system has been launched, users can make reservations on Ariva.World directly on the gateway. 

Ariva demonstrated this payment gateway during the Blockchain for Travel Summit, by opening tickets for sale with cryptocurrency using Ariva.Finance solution on Ariva, WFTI, and GFT websites for guests who attended the forum.

Ariva.Wonderland: Ariva is changing the future of tourism with Ariva.Wonderland, the world’s first travel metaverse. It incorporates the dynamics of life and entertainment to offer a unique travel experience. Ariva pushes the boundaries to break into a new kind of tourism utilizing virtual reality in the crypto and Defi Space. Offering users the opportunity to travel virtually to amazing attractions from the comfort of their homes.

People can travel to many areas on the Ariva.Wonderland. There are 7 galaxies and 7 craters in each, thousands of customized lands in 49 different space areas, and a total of 160,000 parcels of land. Users can ownership of land pieces with personalized avatars, assets, or anything else using  (Non-fungible Tokens) NFTs.

Ariva provides a travel and tourism network where members can connect with global and local travel service providers by sharing previous travel experiences, and comments and achieving booking with cryptocurrency.