Cardano-based Da Vinci’s Locker NFT Marketplace Launches Sale of its $DVL Token




DaVincis Locker, an NFT marketplace based on Cardano, has launched the private sale of its $DVL Vinci Tokens. The sale started on 5th April 2022 and is still ongoing.

The Cross Chain NFT marketplace will use Atomic Swap/Virtual machines that will make Davinci’s Locker a marketplace where anyone can turn their Photos, Ideas, Music, Videos, gif, or Paintings into Non-Fungible Tokens in just a few easy clicks.

They can also sell digital property to anyone on the marketplace without a middleman as ownership is exclusively theirs. The original creators of art will also receive royalties for the art every time it changes hands. This is in a bid to reward art creators for their contributions.

Da Vincis Locker Token (Vinci $DVL)

$DVL is the utility token that will be used to power the Da Vinci’s Locker Ecosystem. The token will be a Cardano-based token used to carry out transactions on the marketplace. The details are as follows:

Token Type: Cardano Native Token




Token Name: Vinci

Token Ticker: $DVL

Allocation for Private Sales Round: 250,000,000 (250 Million) $DVL
Price: 1 ADA = 1126 DVL

Holders of the token will also be able to buy NFTs on the marketplace at a discounted price, pay for transaction fees, make key decisions on the development of the Da Vinci Locker ecosystem, gain exclusive VIP access to special or rare and limited edition NFTs, and gain access to top Advertisement slots on the home page and main page of the Marketplace.

Shareholders (those who hold at least 5% of Sales Stages supply of $DVL Vinci tokens) will also enjoy shareholder benefits such as having a percentage of transaction fees and profits made in the marketplace. The benefits will be paid to them in ADA on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. Artists and users who need to hold a certain amount of Vinci $DVL tokens. Holders can also stake a given amount of $DVL Vinci Tokens and get rewarded in ADA, $DVL, or limited edition NFTs.

How To Buy Vinci Tokens

  • To buy $DVL Vinci tokens, you will need to buy ADA from any crypto exchange of your choice and send them to your Cardano wallet like Yoroi, Daedalus, or Adalite wallet. 
  • Go to the Vinci sales page and send the ADA to the provided wallet address
  • Click the finish link and fill out the form that comes up.
  • $DVL tokens will be sent to the wallet address used in participating in the Sales