Little Atlas Is Building IRL Metaverse on Solana

Little Atlas is a unique NFT project that breaks up the world map into millions of NFTs that anyone can own, trade and use as social advertising space as part of a massive open social graph. 

Anyone can use the Little Atlas web app to mint and own virtual land NFTs (called tiles), which they can use to advertise their social profile and connect with other web3 artists, developers, entrepreneurs, collectors and operators in their local area.

Little Atlas makes it easy to discover and connect with interesting people nearby who have a shared passion for web3. 

Web3 is a growing global movement, but it’s hard to find and connect with web3 creatives, builders and enthusiasts local to your area.

Little Atlas is on a mission to build the “IRL metaverse”, a place for local communities, meetup groups, conferences and initiatives to form and thrive. 

The Little Atlas Beta has been out for the past month in London and Lisbon, and the team is excited to roll it out to the rest of the world this Friday. 

Little Atlas global beta

Little Atlas is launching its worldwide mint Friday April 8, 2022, at 9 pm UTC / 4 pm ET / 1 pm PT.

This Friday, the Little Atlas Beta will be available around the world — with all minting restrictions being lifted.

Anyone will be able to use the map to find and mint tiles in their favorite places and find others with shared interests in their local area. 

Little Atlas tile NFTs let users own a piece of the world map and use it as advertising space for their social profiles. 

With the global launch of Phase 1 (Beta) this Friday, collectors will be able to mint District tiles around the world – these are the biggest tiles in the Little Atlas universe. Each tile will cost 0.5 SOL to mint. 

Tile owners can advertise their Twitter profiles on the map to market their personal, community or project Twitter accounts, with more social integrations coming in the future.

Tile owners can also use the status update feature to add a message to a small chat bubble on top of their tiles. 

Enabling minting NFT tiles around the world will transform Little Atlas into the first open directory of web3 enthusiasts around the world, allowing anyone to browse and connect with other interesting people in the local area or whilst traveling abroad. 

What’s coming next?

In the coming weeks, the Little Atlas team will be adding more social features on top of the map, taking feedback from the growing community to build the best networking app for web3. 

In the next phase (expected Summer 2022), anyone will be able to mint new, smaller tiles near their favorite places – via a mechanic that splits District tiles into 4 smaller tiles.

Mint revenue will be shared with owners of District tiles above newly minted sub-tiles. 

Minting a district tile in a good location could potentially lead to passive mint revenue from tiles minted underneath. You can learn more about the utility of Little Atlas tiles in its Litepaper.

As the number of Little Atlas tiles grows, the team will release API features to enable developers to query the Little Atlas open social graph and integrate it with their own applications – creating a network of thousands of social experiences, called the “Metanetwork”.

This will enable other web3 companies to bootstrap local communities and user bases through airdrops to Little Atlas tile holders. 

About Little Atlas

Little Atlas is a web3 social network based on the world map, built on Solana. The company is on a mission to build foundational web3 social infrastructure, and connect the metaverse to the real world.

To achieve this, the team is building a social network based on the world map that lets any person use virtual land NFTs (called tiles) to create a social profile and connect with other web3 enthusiasts nearby.

For additional information and company updates, visit Little Atlas’ channels: Website | Twitter | Discord | YouTube | Medium

(Disclaimer: Nothing in this press release or in the Litepaper is investment advice. Please do your own research before investing.)


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