Plant Exodus Impressed Gaming Community With its 3D turn-based RPG Gameplay

The NFT Gaming Community has been impressed by one of the promising projects about launching in 2022. Few projects in turn-based RPG game niche comes close to what Plant Exodus brings to audiences and players: gameplay, music, interaction,..Plant Exodus is going to launch in Q2/2022 and building a true Play-to-Earn (P2E) that focuses on Community Reward System to maintain in-game economic.

Play Exodus emmerses players into the world of its own with illusory creatures and interesting gameplay. It’s a story of plants and flowers, in a faraway forest East of the underground river, some plants have evolved into conscious creatures. Some of them, aggressive insects, birds and animals, always try to find a way to threaten and bully the Plant Tribes. As a part of the rebellion plan’ Plant Tribes, players will build a combat team and fight to find the promising land.

Plant Exodus Game Features

The game fully follows the GameFi concept, inheriting and developing the idea of the traditional turn-based RPG game with blockchain technology and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). This approach creates a new system that allows its players to maximize their earning by joining community events, scholarship, gaming guide and tournament. Each Gen-0 Plant Hero (main character to combat with monster enemies) is a tradeable valuable NFT on Plant Exodus’ marketplace. Owning a Gen-0 (or Gen-1) Plant Hero means that owners can sell it for money.

The races of Plant Hero within Plant Exodus’ world come in varying types, classes and rarities. Each of these Plant Heroes will have different characteristics and unique power. With different races, different skill sets and different formation combat teams, Plant Exodus’ match will be unique through 100+ PVE  journey maps. To finish all maps, players will have to find a way to increase their line-up strength or Plant Heroes stats.

Plant Exodus chooses an approach of developing their community, scholarship, gaming guild system and in-game team play (3v3), encouraging their players to play with teams and other players (PVP) to maximize their earnings. In the near future, players can access Clan Feature that allows them to build their own in-game communities to achieve big targets such as 3v3 matchmaking game, tournament.. or Land Feature, etc …

Land ownership mechanism will be announced in the secondary phase of Plant Exodus. Players can own pieces of land and utilize them for their purposes. Only Gen-0 Plant Hero owners can have permission to access this feature.

Plant Exodus has two tokens, $PEXO and $HOA. $PEXO, a governance token, stands for Plant Exodus representing a financial stake of all games in Plant Exodus Game Universe. $PEXO gives players who hold it the privileges to buy limited Origin Generation, breed new heroes or buy land,..

Roadmap & Future Plans

Plant Exodus has a particular roadmap with well-detailed goals. PEXO is going to be listed on DEX like Kucoin. Top priority of Plant Exodus Team now is working to support their community and preparing to list their token. Playable gameplay will be released in Q2/2022 with full storyline and story characters. Besides that they are developing community programs like Scholarship, Job Market and Gaming Guild to bring this game closer to unaffordable players.

Part of their roadmap goals for Q2, 2022 includes introducing Staking feature, NFT marketplace that will allow players to earn right after gameplay is released. The core team hopes that with the best gameplay’ quality, the community will be satisfied after a bit of delay.

About Plant Exodus

Plant Exodus is an illusory-themed, relaxing and aspiring GameFi project developed by an enthusiastic team with various years of experience designing traditional games and working in blockchain industry. Plant Exodus brings a sharing ecosystem to Play-to-Earn NFT Game, allowing players and community to earn in new ways.

More information about Plant Exodus:

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