Edverse Closes $700,000 Seed Round Successfully

Edverse is the most immersive, interactive, and insightful educational metaverse ever, brought to you by the sole ed-tech-sci organization that combines the tenacity of gaming with the veracity of learning.

Edverse, one of the most promising educational startups and one of the most sought-after metaverse initiatives, has successfully raised $700,000 in its seed round to support the evolving needs of the new-age education terrain.

The funding round, led by blufolioAG, Crypto Oasis Sentio, Vulcan Forged, TDeFi, Grizzly Capital, and Encryptus, will power the company’s macro goal of decentralized and democratized education through the world’s most immersive, insightful, and interactive educational metaverse. 

With the initial investment secured, Edverse is set to deliver on its promise of empowering the four key stakeholders – Learners, Educators, Promoters, and Creators.

“After being over-subscribed, the company will escalate its private round raise and has already secured commitments for a significant amount,” comments Mr. Alok Patni, CFO at Edverse.  

With the pandemic acting as a catalyst for virtualization, the world has acclimatized itself to virtual and online education delivery modes.

Technology adoption is skyrocketing in the domain of education.

Additionally, with global tech mammoths acknowledging the might of the metaverse, and its consequential advantages, learning, as an active investment of energy and time, is all set to reposition itself onto the virtual cosmos of the metaverse. 

“What you see as Edverse today started probably a decade back in terms of collating ideas and developing it with the cutting-edge tech available in the market at any given point in time. We are driven by the observation that the world is facing a learning crisis today.”

“Decentralizing education and democratizing the access, and thus placing the emphasis on the learners is the way around this setback. And with great players on board, Edverse is at the cusp of achieving this global utopia”, says Mr. Gautam Arjun, Co-Founder, and CEO at Edverse.

The pillars of Edverse are Learners, Educators, Creators, and Promoters. These stakeholders profoundly bridge the ‘phygital’ divide and enable an ecosystem of limitless, interconnected learning.

Learners are the new-age students pursuing subject knowledge, skills, and systemic enhancements. The Educators get a chance to exploit the largest repository of Ed-NFTs and empower generations of Learners.

Creators on Edverse can sell on-demand Ed-NFTs and become community certified. The Promoters get a chance to buy, sell, and rent land within Edverse to support institution establishment and creation of learning spaces.

Edverse functions on the ‘4E’ corollary framework of Engage, Enrich, Empower, and Excel.

“Edverse can actuate a never-seen-before interaction infrastructure, and with models like ‘Learn2Earn’ and ‘Wear2Earn’, a vast new horizon of possibilities opens up for any sincere player within the educational landscape.”, added Mr. Yuvraj Krishan Sharma, Co-Founder, CPO, and CTO at Edverse. 

Edverse will enable those on the platform to share immersive learning experiences and upskill themselves in socially relevant contexts.

It will also boost student motivation and retention through strategically developed learning journeys. The students will also have deep insights into their level of understanding and learning prowess through curated experiences.

Edverse will also empower the stakeholders through an exponentially mutating Web3.0 realm with exclusive access to virtual properties, crypto marketplaces, subject matter maestros, and the world’s most expansive virtual library. 

1.2 Billion K-12 students and 250 Million students shall be pursuing higher education by 2025, and Edverse, with this pioneering probe into the possibilities of the metaverse, expects to better their lives.

Within the same time frame, there will be 85 Million educators, and over 20,000 recognized HEIs globally, and Edverse anticipates empowering them.

About Edverse

Edverse is an initiative brought to you by the virtuosos of the education, gaming, 3D modeling, and visualization domains. The organization has an impactful history of over seven years of disrupting the education landscape. 

It is an initiative of the team that has previously successfully collaborated with the mammoth global Pearson and provided an avant-garde immersive learning experience to over 200,000 learners.

The team also partook in creating the most sophisticated, advanced & scalable assessment architecture that builds on deep tech in collaboration with NIIT, the pioneering corporate training company. 

Furthermore, Edverse is led by the team, which is the sole AR module provider from India, trusted and partnered with Google.

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