Gamium Partners with Binance NFT, for a Better Metaverse Experience

    • Gamium partners with Binance NFT and
    • The collaboration seeks to provide a better Metaverse experience.
    • and Binance NFT will be one of the first applications to take advantage of Gamium’s mapping feature

Gamium, a Web3 and Metaverse technology company that aims to create the first decentralized social metaverse with avatars for use across all Web3 applications has partnered up withBinance NFT Through the partnership, both companies could host fun and immersive virtual events at Gamium’s Oasys Museum as well as provide an immersive virtual building on Gamium for community enjoyment.

In regards to the partnership, a spokesman of the Gramium team was quoted as saying, “Gamium Team welcomes Binance NFT & to the Gamium Metaverse to bring the natural fusion of the Metaverse and NFTs to the world by allowing users to buy Gamium Lands on both platforms.”

With the challenge of achieving interoperability of identity across blockchains being a top priority for the development of a Web3 ecosystem, Gamium is developing an SDK that enables developers to easily integrate avatars across their applications. With Gamium, users can maintain the same identity across all decentralized applications including Web3 wallets.

This enables the user to have an easy time onboarding onto different apps and also keeps their data consistent and easily accessible.

What are some of Gamium’s features?

In addition to enabling decentralized avatars and identity across Web3 platforms, Gamium is also creating a virtual world for its users. Gamium does this by combining social features with a fully immersive 3-dimensional decentralized world.

At the center of the Gamium metaverse is the Genesis city, where users can find buildings that contain unique applications such as 3D calling apps, DeFi tools, and applications and even find jobs.

Besides Genesis, there are 10 additional neighborhoods with districts and islands where users can live and build anything they want with their avatars.

Gamium also comes with a feature called Avatar SDK which is a tool used throughout the platform to create a digital identity for various products and services. Therefore, if you want to use Gamium to create an avatar for your business or website, you can do so with the help of this SDK.

The company also counts on the Gamium SDK, a separate tool that requires no coding skills, to create decentralized apps that can be used in Gamium’s 3D world. This way, users can easily bring their ideas to life and create unique experiences for Gamium

What the Partnership Entails

Through the partnership with Binance NFT, Gamium will create a beautiful Binance NFT building in Gamium’s metaverse.

Binance NFT is one of the world’s largest NFT marketplaces. Through the platform, anyone can easily buy, sell, or trade NFTs. From a selection of in-game items to digital art pieces and even virtual land, Binance NFT is quickly becoming the go-to platform for all NFT needs.

The partnership with is also a big win for Gamium. is an NFT marketplace that makes discovery and trading of NFTs fun and easy. The platform is also integrated with popular wallets such as MetaMask.

With the partnership, Gamium will get an opportunity to host virtual events at the Oasys Museum. The museum is a 3D space that allows users to view, buy, or trade NFT artwork. In the Oasys Museum, there will be emblematic and historic NFTs not to mention exclusive collectibles from reputed artists. Simply put, Oasys is designed to be the perfect location in the metaverse to showcase artistic talent.

“We are excited to partner with Binance NFT and to bring their platforms into the Gamium metaverse. With our Gamium SDK, they will be able to create a 3D representation of their platforms that will provide a new level of immersion for their users,” – says Gamium co-CEO, Alejandro Rosas. and Binance NFT will be one of the first applications to take advantage of Gamium’s mapping feature, allowing users to display their galleries in multiple dimensions including 2D, 3D, and even VR.