VeChain Woos Terra LUNA Developers With a ‘Vulture-Like’ Offer

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  • VeChain offers $30K grant to Terra LUNA developers.
  • This offer was announced in Twitter.
  • The tweet received negative feedback from the Crypto Twitter Community.

The market’s recent billion-dollar carnage has left enthusiasts keeping a close eye on the ever-changing charts—particularly on Terra blockchain’s LUNA and UST. These two digital assets have been on the subject of heated discussions for taking a drastic hit of roughly -100% in the recent downfall.

Consequently, as the Terra team strives to solve the ecosystem’s issue, other blockchain networks are capitalizing on the situation. A great example of this is VeChain, which openly tries to entice Terra developers to make the switch.

In a tweet posted, the platform called out Terra LUNA developers and offered a $30K grant to migrate their Layer1 chains to VeChain. Additionally, the post also describes VeChain as a rapidly growing enterprise-grade public blockchain with 100% uptime.

In detail, VeChain Foundation’s grant covers a wide range of topics that include ‘application development, tools & infrastructure, and blockchain-related research.’ For each stand-alone project, there is an allowance of up to $30K with a possible 50% bonus for Economic X Node.

At present, the tweet received negative feedback from the crypto Twitter community. One user commented on how “professional developers won’t work for such [a] small amount.” Moreover, VeChain’s ‘vulture-like’ offer has even led some users to doubt whether the platform has a development structure as it went to extra lengths to encourage Terra developers to join the company.

While VeChain’s efforts to persuade developers might be tempting to some, there’s still no news if anyone took the bait. Alongside this offer, Terra has its own thing going on as the team attempts to revive the chain through forking the Terra blockchain and issuing new digital assets.

Meanwhile, massive industry-wide support was given to Terra investors and its team on its path to recovery. At the time of writing, project leaders of ChainLayer, BTCSecure, Sigma, TerraBay, Nebula Protocol, Ethereum, and Tron have pledged their support towards the new Terra LUNA network.

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