Blockchain Paves the Way for Green Startup’s Clean Ocean Movement

  • The green startup, Oceans and Us, plans to launch a new cryptocurrency and 10,000 NFTs for ocean clean-ups.
  • Oceans and Us will collaborate with NFT artist Vesa to raise $1.2 million
  • It will partner with 100 sustainable solutions’ brands in MENA for this initiative.

Oceans and Us, a Dubai-based startup, is planning to raise funds by launching a new cryptocurrency and selling 10,000 generative non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for clearing plastics off the oceans globally. The company plans to partner with NFT artist Vesa Kivinen, popularly known as VESA in the crypto art space, to raise $1.2 million funds.

To boost awareness and funds to construct boats that clean the oceans, this non-profit organization (NGO) seeks to collaborate with 100 brands that endorse sustainable solutions and products across MENA, including some of the leading companies of UAE like Landmark Group. This will enable the NFTs buyers and owners to avail benefits and discounts on these selected partner brands.

The startup confirmed that it is working with Maraked Applied Sciences, a UAE-based tech agency, to create autonomous, self-driven AI-powered boats that will help clear plastics off the oceans.

Joel Michel, the serial entrepreneur and the founder of this green startup, said:

Sustainability is an ecosystem, and NFTs work as a gateway.

He added, “Shopping for an NFT permits folks to take a position and take part in a hands-on method. The concept is for all of this to sit down on the blockchain that’s clear so each single greenback invested may be seen clearly in the place it goes.”

“The most important factor we wish to clear up is transporting plastic we acquire again to land so it may be repurposed,” he further stated.

To get rid of the millions of tons of plastic that contaminate the world’s oceans, the Oceans and Us team is working with various partners to design and scale blockchain projects. With this recent initiative, the company is determined to clean up 90% of floating plastic pollution off the oceans across the globe.