Early Version Release of ChainWars DCCG Draws Closer as Fans Expect Big Things from the Project

Place/Date: – May 30th, 2022 at 4:39 pm UTC · 4 min read
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ChainWars is nearing the release of an early version of their digital collectible card game (DCCG). The company hopes to put together an Alpha Team, which is essentially a group of dedicated players who are qualified and communicatively skilled enough to offer adequate input. Improvements and changes will be made based on the feedback as well as data reports that will be obtained.

What Does This Mean?

As of now, the Beta is live. With that being said, ChainWars works with both game creators and blockchain developers to create products and services that combine the best of both worlds. If users have enough funds ($CWE) to partake, they can play the games and potentially earn valuable NFTs. Most importantly, players can have a fantastic time and battle their way to the very top of the leaderboards as well. The P2E concept will thus be implemented via rewards per game, per season and for tournaments.

Moreover, while the team is happy to create their own games, they recognize that there are others creating high-quality entertainment too. ChainWars therefore intends to utilize tournaments to provide platform users the opportunity to play their favorite games and to reward them for doing so.

What Else Is There to Know?

ChainWars provides a variety of motivations for participation. To begin with, the tokenomics are supported by the Infinite Loop Protocol, which was created to provide a connection between transactions and reward pools. This, along with the limited token supply, makes ChainWars an appealing project for both investors and players.

Additionally, another significant motivator revolves around actual ownership of game assets. All available assets in ChainWars are tokenized in the form of NFTs. It should be mentioned that ChainWars non-fungible tokens shall not be tradable from an authentic marketplace in the beginning. While the project’s official marketplace is in development, users may instead trade their NFTs through various other accepted 3rd party marketplaces. When compared to conventional games, this is a big game shift because users may purchase and sell their assets whenever desired.

The Importance of ‘Land’

Also, the game’s cards and virtual space plots under the supporting Land gamemode will be among the first items accessible. ‘Land’ will be a helpful gamemode with a large virtual world which further enhances the metaverse experience. Users may hence purchase plots of land on which to display their profits, create structures, and grow resources. Secondly, this gamemode shall play an important part in building the community and making it more interactive. Furthermore, it may be used to improve the assets of the digital collectable card game, simultaneously enhancing the entire Play-to-Earn (P2E) experience as well. There’s also a variety of tournaments and competitions for anyone interested.

About ChainWars

ChainWars is a novel GameFi project that began in June of last year. The basic product is a DCCG with a game-changing twist, which is that each card and additional in-game assets are tokenized via NFTs and hence tradable. This feature allows players to be actual owners of their in-game assets, and provides them with an open market which may be utilized for a variety of purposes like investing, trading, or building a powerful deck of cards to enjoy the game and compete with other top players from around the world.

The most significant achievements thus far have been the formation of essential partnerships and the establishing of a solid community base, the introduction of ChainWars’ native token Chain Wars Essence ($CWE), the work on the Alpha and Beta versions of the game, and the official trailer.

ChainWars is in the midst of launching the Beta version and conducting the first NFT sales. Afterwards, a sufficient number of NFTs will be required to play ChainWars. This is about 30 minions and 1 hero, which are the minimum requirements for a full deck. Until then, fake cards are utilized in a testing environment, giving anybody interested the opportunity to join AlphaTeam and become an Alpha version tester.

For more information and regular updates, be sure to visit the official website and check out the social channels as well.