Ludo: A Web3 App Store and Search Engine for NFT and Metaverse Experiences

As interest in the metaverse continues to grow, blockchain developers continue to roll out new Web3 and gaming applications that offer users immersive experiences and more earning opportunities.

But for the metaverse to attain mainstream adoption, these dApps must be accessible to the average user. Unfortunately, there is no central place where users can easily view and shop for apps they are interested in due to the fragmentation in the industry.

While users can access and download traditional games from central platforms like the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, the same cannot be said for blockchain gaming apps.

To solve this problem, LUDO has created a dedicated center that provides users with all the Web3 and metaverse experiences optimized to suit their needs. This is significant as that existing app stores like the ones Apple and Google hold the vast majority of the market share, but they are falling behind when it comes to the crypto industry.

The gaming and app world is evolving. At first, the most successful games were pay-to-play, then it was free to play with the likes of Fortnite, Call of Duty Warzone, and now we are seeing play-to-earn, with the likes of Axie Infinity and K4 Rally gaining traction. However, as previously established, these games are hard to come by as they are not easily accessible from a user experience perspective. This is an emerging gap in the market that is not being bridged or covered by companies like Apple, Google, or Steam. This is where LUDO is coming in to help participants in the space by creating a central platform where all games and metaverses are easily searchable and accessible.


What is LUDO

LUDO is a revolutionary metasearch engine poised to solve the problem of fragmentation in the blockchain industry and open up new perspectives in the development of the metaverse.

The platform touts itself as the gateway to the metaverse. It offers a Web3 play-to-earn app store and search engine that gives users access to some of the best metaverse projects and NFTs-related opportunities.

LUDO users enjoy a metaverse experience tailored to their needs based on a proprietary AI-based profiling algorithm or by connecting their digital wallets.

The platform aggregates NFT and metaverse data from multiple reliable on and off-chain sources, allowing users to access opportunities where they can optimize their time towards the best projects with substantial ROIs.

LUDO not only eases access to the metaverse for NFT collectors but also provides project developers and content creators with tools for creating, launching, and promoting their new products.

The platform’s vision is to build digital bridges that will create new communities and make the world of digital assets accessible to everyone. It intends to facilitate digital economies for creators and collectors.

The platform aims to increase gamers’ earning opportunities, amplify creators’ exposure to a larger market, and give brands and advertisers much better visibility and a new level of community engagement.

What Does Ludo Bring to the Table?

The platform offers several features that benefit users from various backgrounds.


LUDO Launchpad enables content creators to create and promote their NFT collections using a viral approach. The platform provides creators with the necessary tools for launching new products.

It further links them with their target audience across different platforms. To encourage widespread adoption of the collection, Ludo designs unique quests for users.

Ads Engine

The LUDO ads engine allows creators to promote their digital products on its next-gen Web3 AppStore. These products can be NFT collections, metaverse experiences, or other crypto assets.

NFT Showcase

This is a digital showroom where creators display individual NFT albums on the platform. Collectors gain access to this showcase and purchase whichever one they like seamlessly.

The LUDO Token

LUDO is the platform’s native token. It powers the activities conducted on the LUDO ecosystem and offers governance features, allowing holders to vote on decisions that can affect the platform’s development.

Several other perks are attached to holding LUDO, including exclusive access to the Ludo Launchpad and other specific opportunities such as airdrops and NFT campaigns.

Holders can also earn passive income from their LUDO holdings by staking or farming them on the platform.


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