Dentistry in the Metaverse: First Dentist to Buy Land for a Virtual Practice

Dentistry in the metaverse: A British dentistry chain have decided that they need a metaverse presence. While patients can’t get actual dental work done, the brand sees the marketing potential of staking out an existence online.

The Dental Design Studio is the first brand to stake a claim for dentistry into the metaverse. The British dental group has 15 real-life locations across the UK, and now one in the Sandbox.  

On the land, the dental chain plans to build interactive mirror images of its surgeries.  In the dental metaverse, patients can sit in a dentist chair, get a consultation, enjoy virtual treatments, talk to the staff, and watch dental hygiene videos.

Users can create their own avatars and can even customize how they look – right down to their teeth. 

Dentistry and Education

All this sounds like a lot of vacuous fun rather than a practical use of the metaverse. But there is an interesting opportunity for education here.

The dental chain say that dental courses and lectures can be delivered online. Using the metaverse, regional surgeries can now attract international audiences.

Dr Jeff Sherer is the Co-founder. “At The Dental Design Studio, we have always been interested in technology and have tried to innovate in any area that will benefit our patients. As people are increasingly starting to use the metaverse as a form of social interaction, we got the idea to create a group of dental practices in the metaverse – giving patients the chance to experience the dentist in a different way.  Very nervous patients and children can now see what the dentist is like from the comfort of their own homes, preparing them for a future visit. Through the magic of virtual reality, they can sit in a dental chair and activate interactive content teaching them how to take care of their teeth in a better way.”

Benefits for Dentists

 Dr Sherer says that dentists can get benefits by having their surgeries in the metaverse. 

“Dentists can create all kinds of brand awareness and advertising opportunities in this world. They can offer NFTs that provide membership perks in the real world such as free access to dental hygienists, or future perks in the metaverse like avatar accessories, price discounts or loyalty cards. Being able to take a tour of the practice and learn a bit more about dentistry will encourage phobic patients to familiarize themselves with the environment and ease their fears, making it more likely they will come in to get the treatment they need.”

Meanwhile another company called Immersive Touch is using virtual reality to practice dental operations before they do the surgery in real life.

It’s a brave new world for your smile.

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