Binance Aims To Spread Awareness By Embarking On Cryptocurrency And Blockchain Tour

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Binance is intentionally moving to African countries to ensure more awareness and adoption of cryptocurrency assets. Before now, many citizens have started investing in crypto and its related products. As a result, many people already have good holdings of crypto assets.

According to Chainalysis data on crypto adoption, some of the top countries leading in Africa include South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, and the Republic of South Africa.

Africa comprises billions of people living in more than 50 countries. The larger population of these countries are youths. By utilizing the available resources in these countries for society building, the citizens will live better. Apart from relying only on natural resources, citizens can also embrace the opportunities on the internet to create wealthier lives in their communities.

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Crypto investment has been one of the top ways to make money online. So, this Binance Blockchain & Crypto Awareness Tour will increase participation.

Many people will understand more about blockchain and cryptocurrency. Also, they’ll understand the risks to expect when dealing with these technologies. This will lead to more adoption and, of course, an increase in assets.

About The Binance Tour In Nigeria

Binance has been conducting the yearly BCAT tour since 2019. The exchange announced the tour to Nigeria on May 21 and disclosed that it would commence on June 4. The target is to reach many youths in Nigeria through visits to universities in the South East.

The tour will kick off at the Amado Event Center Enugu by 9:00 AM and already has 60,000 Nigerian students. After concluding the Nigerian tour, the team will also visit Ghana, Cameroon, and Uganda.

The team will educate participants on the innovations they can utilize over the internet. According to the details, the tour will teach youths more about social finance (SocialFi) and the blockchain. Also, attendees will learn more about the Metaverse, NFTs, P2E, and Mover2Earn.

Benefits Of Cryptocurrency Education For Africans

The positive effects of this tour in Africa cannot be overemphasized. For instance, it will open up more awareness for citizens searching for better sources of income. In many African countries, it’s hardly easy to find investment opportunities to maximize wealth. But understanding more about crypto and its products will open doors.

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Another benefit is that many people interested in working remotely in cryptocurrency and IT will know where to focus. There are many ways to make money with blockchain and cryptocurrency assets.

Cryptocurrency market rises strongly | Source: Crypto Total Market Cap on

Those with the required skills can offer services remotely and earn better. This will help them earn more outside the boundaries of the African financial system to better their lives.

Also, as more people adopt digital assets, it will be another option for monetary transactions. Economic issues such as inflation and the barriers against cryptocurrency transactions, especially in Nigeria, will no longer deter enthusiastic investors.

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