Bitcoin Mining Giant Bitmain Closed 2021 With An $8-9 Billion Revenue

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Bitmain, the world’s leading manufacturer of digital currency mining servers, is reported to have closed 2021 with a revenue valuation of $8-9 billion as demand for mining equipment surged in the past decade.

China’s strict laws pose a problem

In the wake of the ongoing market crash, Asia’s largest nation by population, China, has imposed a ban on cryptocurrency, thereby halting crypto activities within the nation. Bitmain, who is currently leading the pack as the world’s largest manufacturer of mining machines, has been affected.

Bitmain had successfully made revenue in the region of $8-9 billion, in the previous year and are the manufacturers of cryptocurrency mining equipment, Antsminer, which is regarded as one of the best in the crypto industry. Founded in 2013, it has its headquarters in Beijing, China.

Conversely, Micro BT, another Chinese mining equipment manufacturer, is rivaling Bitmain with their own brand, Whatsminer. Whatsminer is reported to have gained around 50% profit after closing at $3 billion. The Bitcoin 2022 event which held on April 6 in the states capped off the launch of a new series.

According to a press release on Bloomberg, Bitmain, in its fiscal report for the third quarter of 2021 closed with a $10.4 billion revenue, earned from Bitcoin mining. The third quarter began in July of 2021 and ended in September of the same year.

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Bitmain strikes deal with US-based company, Merkel Standard

A deal was signed and announced between Chinese mining equipment manufacturers, Bitmain, and American Bitcoin miner, Merkel Standard back in February. Both firms hoped to come up with mining facilities capable of powering 500 megawatts.

The deal makes Merkel the majority owner of the joint venture, with a responsibility of handling data management development process and operations, though funding and technical support is a responsibility and duty of Bitmain.

The first phase had kicked off already and completion date is targeted within the second quarter of the year. Bitmain’s S19 XP, S19J Pro and S19+ Hydro mining machines are set to be transferred to the facility, Merkel’s Eastern Washington 225 MW facility.

Bitmain has already developed a liquid cooling technology which powers the S19 Pro+ Hydro. The joint venture positions Merkel as the first American crypto mining firm to own the technology.

Bitmain’s expansion out of Asia comes after the Chinese government had imposed a crypto ban which hindered the sales of the company’s mining equipment.

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