Court Awards Craig Wright £1 as Damages in Lawsuit against Peter McCormack

Craig Wright is keen on appealing the case with Peter McCormack as he feels all the necessary considerations were not made before the judgment was passed.

The United Kingdom High Court has awarded the sum of £1 to Craig Wright, the self-professed Bitcoin (BTC) inventor, in his launched defamation lawsuit against vocal Bitcoin investor and educator, Peter McCormack.

The amount was awarded in part because the presiding judge, Martin Chamberlain discovered that the evidence presented by Wright in his original case was “deliberately false.” This specific reason was highlighted in Judge Chamberlain’s judgment.

According to the events preceding the trial, Craig Wright had claimed that he was disinvited from a series of conferences after McCormack shared a number of tweets that called him a ‘fraud’ for claiming he is the real Satoshi Nakamoto. While the entire lawsuit was hinged on this claim, McCormack’s lawyers obtained evidence from the organizers of these so-called conferences disputing Craig Wright’s claims.

Claiming that the original evidence was inadvertent, Wright withdrew a significant amount of the evidence, but the judge did not find it tenable.

The court proceedings and hearings came to the fact that Peter McCormack’s tweets might have indeed caused reputational damage for Wright, and he had to be awarded the nominal compensation as no specific evidence can be laid with respect to the disinvitation that was claimed.

Craig Wright has been waging a series of lawsuits against anyone and organizations that publicly dispute his claims as the pseudonymous founder of BTC. While he is known as one of the early developers in the Bitcoin ecosystem and the founder of Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV), there is no compelling evidence directly connecting him as the sole creator of the premier digital currency.

Craig Wright to Pursue Alternatives

McCormack’s camp has welcomed the final verdict from Judge Chamberlain with the reputable podcaster sharing in a tweet that he is very pleased with the findings of the court throughout the case.

Craig Wright on the other hand feels justice has not yet been served through the lawsuit as the court did not take into account his Aspergers, a form of Autism Spectrum Disorder that makes social interactions difficult for those diagnosed with it. According to Wright, the autism had likely affected his account of what happened at first.

“As anticipated, bit by bit the independent courts across various jurisdictions, including those with juries with the benefit of an examination of all the evidence, are concluding I am who I have admitted I am, since I was outed as Satoshi by media in 2015,” he said. “However too little regard is paid to the impact my Aspergers has in my communications. I intend to appeal the adverse findings of the judgment in which my evidence was clearly misunderstood.”

Craig Wright is keen on appealing the case with Peter McCormack as he feels all the necessary considerations were not made before the judgment was passed. In like manner, he is deliberate about suing anyone who crosses his path and fails to accord him the honor due him with respect to his claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto.

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