WoodLandEco Beta Version To Promote Eco-Friendly Initiatives

WoodCoin Foundation, a decentralized, minable (PoW) public ledger with a logarithmically growing money supply, has announced that its WoodLandEco app, an initiative to get more people involved in sustainability efforts, will be released to the public soon.

The team behind WoodLandEco revealed that the application is currently in its beta testing phase and will launch once it is ready on an undisclosed date. Notably, the project aims to attract users to contribute to nature-friendly activities such as planting trees. The participants will also receive awards for their involvement in protecting the environment.

Initially, WoodCoin Foundation envisioned building an eco-campaign that leverages modern technology for sustainability efforts. The team acknowledges the predictions of scientists that humanity will face an ecological catastrophe by 2050.

In a release, WoodCoin Foundation remarked:

The raging wildfires in Australia, which have already covered more than 18 million hectares, water pollution by petroleum products — all of this is detrimental to the environment.

It is in this context that WoodLandEco switches on the torch to protect nature with community-engaging eco-friendly activities using blockchain technology. The project basically focuses on a sustainable life in this modern world.

Talking about the WoodLandEco app, users would need to download the platform and choose the type of tree they want to plant. Each tree has its own properties and amount of oxygen production. After choosing a tree, users can connect their tree through a unique QR code and take care of the tree. The more the tree produces oxygen, the more the users get dividends.

The WoodLandEco team said they are in the process of attracting large eco-funds to its activities and anticipate that the scale of the program will be large.

To know more details about the WoodLandEco project, visit their website at Telegram.

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