Digital Assets Go Catholic as Roman Archdiocese Embraces Crypto Donations

Catholics around the world still hold dissenting views on the use of cryptocurrencies.

The Archdiocese of Washington, D.C. says it will begin accepting crypto donations as it looks to expand its ministries. According to a recent announcement, the Roman Catholic Church is partnering with crypto firm Engiven, which will be responsible for facilitating crypto donations through its platform.

Crypto Donations to Bolster Church Mission

According to the archdiocese’s website, the funds will be used to support all area parishes within its jurisdiction.  Essentially, donations will go into supporting local programs, the welfare of members, and feeding the needy.

But going by the information available on Engiven’s page for the archdiocese, donations can be done in many cryptocurrencies.  They include Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), and many more to 0x’s ZRX.

Is Religion Gradually Buying into Crypto?

Crypto adoption appears to have gone mainstream, finding its way even into religion. And the recent move by the Archdiocese of Washington only goes to further prove its increasing popularity. But the catholic church is not the first faith-based denomination to accept crypto donations. 

So far, Engiven claims to have helped over 400 faith-based missions raise crypto funds at one point or another. And according to the platform’s founder James Lawrence, faith-based organizations can’t afford to overlook their online audience, which has grown endeared to crypto.

Meanwhile, while some dioceses are welcoming technological innovation with open arms, some might yet be skeptical about it. The Russian Orthodox Church for instance, categorically stated in February that it has no plans to accept crypto donations. However, that may be in line with Vladimir Putin’s order. The Russian President signed a bill into law against making digital assets payments in the country at the time.

While Catholics around the world still hold dissenting views on the use of cryptocurrencies, however,  other religions may have decided. Islam, for example, has endorsed the use of some crypto, including the Islamic coin.

Nonetheless, it is plain to see that modernity is gradually setting in when it comes to making donations. And hopefully, crypto will continue to break more ground, even as adoption keeps improving significantly.

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